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Holistic Therapy at no.7

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Effective management of Lymphoedema,
assistance healing post-cosmetic surgery
and alleviation of sports injury or chronic issues -
all within a quiet peaceful space.

Contact NameTanga Okondo-Totterdell
Address7 Giles Coppice
West Dulwich
South East London SE19
Phone+ 44 (0)7 9415 28458
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ABOUT TANGA - your therapist

Tanga Okondo-Totterdell has been a wellbeing practitioner for over 20 years and is pleased to offer bodywork therapies at her private clinic in Dulwich, London.
She has a broad experience of therapuetic styles and her specialisms target the immune and energetic systems of the body, to facilitate optimal function and repair.

Treatment outcomes are numerous. Regular sessions can help:
  • assist with anxiety, insomnia, and combat chronic infections
  • reduce swelling, hormonal imbalance and post-natal discomfort
  • help clear allergies, frozen shoulder and release inflexible patterns
  • tackle stress, relieve musculoskeletal disorder, improve digestive disfunction

Tanga believes that conventional and alternative approaches to health can work together for the greatest good of the recipient, and recognises that in our modern environment, regular therapeutic programmes are highly favourable to combat the cumulative effects of stress.

Tanga holds a degree with honours in sports science, and is a member of:
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage UK
  • The Zero Balancing Association UK
  • The British Lymphology Society
  • The Lymphoedema Support Network
  • The Complimentary Therapists Association
  1. Lymphatic Drainage Massage can help many conditions including:
    Lymphoedema, lipoedema, and related problems. Chronic fatigue, migraine, sinusitis, allergies, fluid retention and acne. Applied immediately post-surgery, it speeds the reduction in bruising/swelling and encourages minimal scarring for optimal results. Recommended by surgeons after cosmetic surgery.

  2. Zero Balancing is a touch therapy that helps improve posture, and release deeply held tension/discomfort within the body. It assists with balance and stability, unlocks trauma, and boosts self-awareness and general wellbeing.

  3. Body Massage is deeply comforting and relaxing, and relieves muscle tension and pain. Tanga incorporates reflex points and facial massage techniques for a more intergrated body experience. Tanga also offers lymphatic drainage facial treatments to help support youthful radiant skin.

  4. Equipment & Products Tanga uses deep oscillation therapy (Hivamat 200) in conjunction with lymphatic drainage for superior results. She applies kinesiotape to aid a variety of issues including post-surgical swelling & scarring, and musculoskeletal pain. In combination facials, Tanga uses The Gel ( - a mineral & homeopathic blend that heals skin, infra-red radiant heat to improve circulation and a magnetic grid to boost oxygen absorption.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the best services for your needs or to book an appointment - please call +44 (0)7 9415 28458 - Lymphoedema DLT intensive ~ 8 sessions; Post-surgical package ~ 6 or 10 sessions; Intro package ~ 6 sessions; Kinesiotape sessions ~ per body area.
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  • Diploma in Vodder manual lymphatic drainage (DLT) Austria
  • Certificate in zero balancing ZBAuk
  • Diploma in sports therapy (IIST) RDip.
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy and Reflexology (ITEC) RDip.
  • BSc. (Hons) Sports studies
  • KT1 & KT2 - sports injury; KT3 - lymphoedema; Kineio Tape Association International
  • Compresion bandaging for lymphoedema - 3M Healthcare

"After just 3 treatments of manual lymphatic drainage, the swelling in my leg had remarkably reduced in size. I could now wear a pair of closed shoes for the first time in a year! Before the sessions, I had lost interest in my appearance; but now thanks to Tanga, I feel happy and confident about myself again".
- Anne R. South London.

"I have been seeing Tanga for a number of years and continue to enjoy her professionalism, her thorough treatments & herself as a person, as she's great fun. You're in safe hands with her impeccable knowledge of the body - every treatment is always very relaxing. I can't recommend her highly enough".
- Benedict B. SE London.

Service Categories
Beauty Therapy, Holistic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Mens Health, Remedial Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Womens Health

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