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Natalia Dent Hypnotherapy

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I am a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist providing effective treatment for:
Stopping smoking, Weight loss, Lack of confidence, Stress management, And many other problems!

AddressThe Old Hall
74b High Street
Wellingborough NN9 5PX
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Welcome to Natalia Dent Hypnotherapy

Based in Irthlingborough, Northants.

Covering Irthlingborough, Wellingborough, Rushden, Kettering, Northampton and the surrounding towns and villages in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.

My Services Include

Stop smoking session:
It is one of the most effective ways to abandon this harmful habit just in one session! The session is relatively long, so allow yourself between two and three hours. The first part of the session will be devoted to talk. You may discover something new for yourself about smoking. The hypnotic part of the session will take place towards the end of the session after which you can start saving money, you would have normally spent on cigarettes.

Weight loss:
This course of treatment usually consists of three sessions. However, sometimes it may take four of five, which depends on individual needs.

Stress management:
Treatment for this issue typically takes three—five sessions. The aim of the sessions is to give you a tool to deal with stress productively and feel calmer and secure.

Sessions for anxiety and panic attacks:
The duration of the treatment is typically three—five sessions. The aim of the treatment to give you a tool to deal with your anxiety calmer without fear and productively. It also aims to relax you when you are in the middle of the panic attack, stop the thoughts that produced the panic attack, replace negative thoughts with positive ones, allow yourself to accept the physical sensation that accompany the attack.

Anxiety about particular situations:
For instance anxiety about driving. The duration of treatment is varying and it’s aim is to eradicate the anxiety and give you confidence.

Habit breakers:
Usually it takes one to three sessions. The target of the treatment is to end your habit such as nail biting, thumb sucking etc.

Examination or driving test nerves:
It is usually a one to three session treatment. The target of the treatment is to make you calm and confident in the exam situation.

Sessions to increase your confidence:
The duration of the treatment is three to five sessions. The aim of the treatment to make you feel more confident in any situations.
Fear of speaking in public: usually it takes approximately three sessions, which aim to make you calm and confident when you speak in public.

Sessions for sleeping disturbance:
The duration of the treatment is normally takes three to five sessions. The treatment aims to make you calm and relaxed in the night time and have a good night sleep.

Natural child birth:
If you ask any woman about the most painful experience in her life everyone would answer that giving a birth is the one. However, a woman's body is naturally designed for giving birth. We just know for a fact that childbirth is painful and believe in it. The treatment aims to relax a woman. To teach her a self relaxation technique. To give the control of the situation back to a woman and make a childbirth stress and almost or totally pain free experience. Neither of treatments can be started in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Pain control:
One to three sessions will give you a tool which helps to control your pains and aches whether it is arthritis or pain of other nature.

Social phobias and fears:
The duration of the treatment is varying depending on individual needs. The treatment aims to relax you about your fear of phobia and take control of the situation.
If you have a problem which has not been mentioned in this service list please contact me, I may be able to help you. In any case working together we have a very good chance of success! The duration of treatments is approximate as situations vary.

About me

I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy (“Dip Hyp CS” ). I am proud to have membership of such a respectable professional body as the Hypnotherapy Society. As a practicing hypnotherapist within the HS I am bound by a code of ethics and good practice. Therefore, my treatment is ethical, respectful to the client and maintains the client’s dignity. You can read more about code of HS’s ethics at

I have a pharmaceutical background (B.Sc. in pharmacy). However, I have always been passionate about such a fascinating subject as hypnotherapy. Working with people I have seen positive results that this safe and natural treatment gives.

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  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy (“Dip Hyp CS” )
  • Professional Membership of Hypnotherapy Society
  • Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy ("Dip. CP")
  • Accredited Member of Counselling Society
Background: B.Sc. in pharmacy.

Service Categories
Counselling, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapy, Weight Loss

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