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Kerala Ayurveda Centre

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Do you have a niggling injury or chronic condition that just won’t clear up? Have you tried conventional treatments?
Are you ready to try a more holistic approach?

Contact NameJyoti Raikundalia
Address114 Lichfield Street
Walsall WS1 1SZ
Phone01922 649494
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Our kerala Ayurveda Centres in Leicester, Bolton and Birmingham provide effective ayurvedic treatment for a wide range of conditions to thousands of satisfied clients every year, many of whom are referred to us by their GP.

But Kerala Ayurveda isn’t just a solution for your immediate health problems.

Our team of qualified doctors and traditionally trained therapists help you to apply authentic Ayurveda principles designed to promote a long and healthy life.

And our most popular, fully regulated, Ayurveda medicines and remedies are available from our online store, for you to use at home.

Kerala Ayurveda Centres, and our unique range of products, offer you authentic Ayurveda, almost unchanged over the centuries.

We do not blend Ayurveda with other forms of alternative medicines or treatments but remain faithful to authentic Ayurveda principles, because we have experienced the benefits
for ourselves.

Our Professional Team At Your Service

We care about what we do. We draw on our authentic traditions and methods to provide a preventative and curative treatment.

We live this value through our knowledge, how we recruit our staff from Kerala, the home of Ayurvedic belief, and the quality of our products and techniques.

Kerala Ayurveda: For Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Recovery

At your Kerala Ayurveda Centre, our doctors and therapists can help you to recover from, or manage specific health complaints but we’re also here to help you to maintain a healthy mind and body when you’re feeling at your peak.

Get Better
A consultation with one of our qualified Ayurveda doctors will determine a course of treatment to help you to heal or to better manage your condition.
Once you are well, we recommend making Ayurveda a regular part of your personal health regime.

Stay Healthy
Of course you can book an individual back, leg, full body or Indian head massage, whenever you need to relax or rejuvenate. We recommend talking to your Ayurveda doctor about a regular plan, tailored to your lifestyle, including regular visits to your Kerala Ayurveda Centre.
After all doesn’t your health deserve as much attention as your hair?

Treatments at Kerala Ayurveda

All of our qualified Ayurveda doctors and therapists are trained in Kerala and remain faithful to centuries- old, authentic Ayurveda principles. This means that female clients are always treated by female therapists and male clients by male therapists.

We want you to feel comfortable throughout your Ayurveda treatment so it might help you to know what to expect:

Ayurveda Initial Consultation

Your first consultation will include questions about your lifestyle, medical history and health concerns as well as a physical examination. The consultation can take up to 30 minutes and is free of charge.
For a detailed consultation, there is a charge of £25 and will last up to 30 minutes. It will include a personal health evaluation consisting of a blood pressure check, weight check and dietary advice. Also the consultation will include constitution analysis followed by recommendation of how ayurveda can help

Ayurveda Treatment

Depending on your condition, your treatment might consist of a series of weekly massages with specially prepared essential oils or powders, calming oil-flow, luxury oil baths and/or saunas, together with dietary advice including not just what to eat but when to eat, as well as herbal preparations or medicines to take home.
All of our products are made from natural herbs and DO NOT contain any alcohol or animal products.

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda massage uses long strokes, which means that it is usual for the entire body to remain uncovered during Ayurveda massage (don’t worry, we keep our treatment rooms comfortably warm).
You might be more familiar with short stroke massage in which only one part of your body is uncovered at any time while it is massaged. If you would prefer to remain covered during your treatment, your therapist will be happy to oblige so please let him or her know.

Treatable Conditions

However well you look after yourself, from time to time life sends a challenge: from the recurrence of an old sports injury in Spring to an acute attack of arthritis in autumn.

We do not recommend Ayurveda treatments as an alternative to conventional medicines or seeking the advice of your own GP, but as a complementary element of your treatment. In fact, many of our patients are referred to us by their GP when conventional medicine has failed to relieve an acute condition, or because an Ayurvedic lifestyle could help to manage a chronic condition like those listed below.

And, before we recommend a course of treatment tailored to your specific needs, you will see one of our qualified Ayurveda doctors for a consultation.

The list below shows the conditions we most frequently treat. It is not comprehensive so please contact us to ask discuss your own specific condition and how authentic Ayurveda can help.

Female Problems
Gynaecological Problems
Menstrual Abnormalities
Pre- and Post-Menopause Problems
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Male Problems
Sexual Problems
Prosto Care

Neurological Problems
Bell’s Palsy
Parkinson’s Disease

Circulatory Problems
Varicose Veins

Digestive and Gastric Disorders
Joint and Muscle Disorders
Frozen Shoulder
Cervical Spondylosis
Trapped Nerve

Mental Disorders
Anxiety & Depression
Insomnia and sleepless nights

Skin Conditions

Respiratory Problems

Sports & Injury Trauma

Call us today to book your first consultation and start feeling better with ayurveda tomorrow!

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