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Kelebek Holistic Therapies

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Holistic Therapies for Men and Women

Contact NameKezia Kecibas
Address30 Babingley Drive
Leicester LE4 OHH
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Welcome to Kelebek Holistic Therapies

Kelebek symbolizes my amazement at the humble caterpillar’s transition from a tiny, unnoticeable chrysalis into a beautiful awe-inspiring butterfly. The emerging butterfly is not the creation of something stunning but the unveiling of something beautiful that was there all along.

Every person has an inner beauty. Unfortunately, most people have felt, or will feel, the need (at some point) to hide away. Some people are fortunate enough to know what wonderful people they are, others need a little helping hand!
Helping your inner beauty out.

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Advanced deep tissue £55

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a treatment that has been practised for over a thousand years. In Indian society a lot of focus is put upon the bodies ‘chakras’. There are seven main chakras (energy wheels which link to our physical body). It is suggested strongly that if there is a blockage in the chakra it can cause illness (such as depression, insomnia, sluggish circulation, to name but a few).

Indian Head Massage works on the higher chakra, perhaps (in relation to western concept) these chakras would be linked to our endocrine system which governs the “controlling” hormones within our bodies. In Indian society, however, the chakras relate to the emotional and spiritual alongside the mechanical aspects. The main intent of the Indian Head massage, therefore, is to open up the blockages and to allow the positive energy to flow through the entire body and, in the process, get rid of negative energy.

Indian Head Massage (45 minutes) £30

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage

Advanced deep tissue massage, as the name suggests, uses a combination of deeper movements, friction and focused pressure on tensed muscle tissue (ischemic pressures) alongside stretches and joint manipulations.

Unlike classic massage therapy which is generally used for relaxation, these techniques enable the therapist to focus on and treat specific problems.

Designed to target specific areas, for example calves and hamstrings of athletes, or neck, back and shoulders of those with acute muscular injuries.

In 1949, the Canadian doctor Therese Phimmer developed guidelines for these techniques (based around Swedish massage).

From that time forward, deep tissue massage slowly started finding its place in sports medicine and physical therapy to control chronic pain and treat soft tissue injuries.

  • Promotes healing of acute injuries
  • Helps aid recovery of newly formed scar tissue
  • Enhances muscle performance
  • Can alleviate chronic aches and pains e.g. sciatica
  • Sustains optimal muscular blood flow
  • Helps treat hypertension
  • Reduces tissue inflammation e.g. Plantar Fasciitis

Deep tissue massage is very useful in alleviating pain and restoring the health of the tissue as well as muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage (75 minutes)



To begin the treatment we do an informal consultation discussing ailments/conditions we want to work on. Once we have done this we look at a combination of up to three essential oils to work with.

The treatment is 1 and a half hours. Firstly we cleanse and tone the face. We then massage the decide blend of oils onto the body. Starting with the back of the legs, then moving on to the back, front of the legs, arms, stomach, chest and end with a pressure point hoistic face massage.

Aromatherapy Massage uses soft gentle effleurage movements and is a relaxing treatment combining the beneficial blend of trhe essential oils.

Aromatherapy Full Body (75 minutes) £50

Aromatherapy Back, Neck and Shoulders (45 minutes) £30

Hopi Ear Candles

The client lays on the couch, head tilted to one side and the lit ear candle is placed in the ear. Only a tiny portion of the candle goes into the ear. The smoke from the candle gently drifts into the client’s ear rhythmically “drumming” in the ear canal. The heat from the candle can help aid the loosening of the wax and the tube of the candle works like a chimney drawing the excess wax up in to it’s chamber. Please note there is a small plastic divider so that ash etc doesn’t go into the ear. Also the therapist has their hand placed between you and the candle at all times.

The candle burn time varies. During the candle burning the therapist will help the sinus’ to eliminate toxins by touching the relevant areas on the face. The ear candle is removed and extinguished and then the other ear is done in the same manner. Many clients have come for this treatment for the relief of sinus conditions, migraines (to name but a few) and found the treatment so relaxing and balancing they have come for more treatments!

Hopi Ear Candles £25

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone Massage is, in my opinion, one of the most relaxing treatments. It makes the receiver feel “spoilt.” The closest to a “wag” many of us will ever get to. The client lays face down on the couch. The hot stones are placed, over a towel, down the ‘Chakra’ points of the back and down the back of one leg (again over a towel). The other leg and foot is then massaged with a base oil. The therapist will then warm their hands with the stones and massage the leg again. The leg is then massaged with the basalt stones.

The stones, whilst they are at the high temperature, are continually moved. The sensation is difficult to imagine (until you have had the treatment). It is somewhat like having warm oil drizzled over you. Once this leg has been massaged a towel is put over it and hot stones placed on top. The other leg and foot is treated in the same manner. After the back of the legs have been treated, the therapist moves to the back. At this stage the hot stones will have warmed the muscles of the back making it easier to work more deeply. After this, the client is asked to lay on their back. Hot stones are then placed on a towel over one leg and warm stones are placed under the shoulder blades and in-between the toes. The remaining leg is then massaged as previously done with the back of the legs. The arms and top of the chest are also treated. Finally the face is treated with cool stones to refresh the client.

Hot Stone Massage (1 hour 30 minutes) £65

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage works on front of legs, arms, stomach, chest then back of legs and ends with the back. This is the final part to be treated as it is probable that the muscles of the back will be relaxed by this point allowing for deeper tissue massage. The treatment is 1hour and 15mins.

Swedish Full Body Massage (1 hour 15 minutes) £45

Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage (45 minutes) £30

Pregnancy Massage

The pregnancy massage uses a mixture or the Swedish and Aromatherapy massage techniques as well as some specifically created for the “mum to be.” The treatment is performed with mum laying on one side and then on the other. Towels are placed around to make the lady more comfortable. We have a towel under the bump and under one knee allowing a technique to possibly ease sciatic pain to take place. We work on the legs, feet, arms, top of the chest, back and head. Lymphatic drainage movement is used to help relieve swollen ankles. The massage is 1 hour and 15minutes. This can be extended for toilet breaks and time to turn over (as I know when I had my bump it would take me a little time to move about).

We do not massage the tummy as often many people have been grabbing bump already and also, I found, it is the other bits that are sore as a result of the bump rather than bump it’s self!!!

Mum2b Pregnancy Massage (1 hour 15 minutes) £50


The treatment begins with a warming foot soak allowing time to discuss areas to focus on and the possible use of beneficial essential oils. The reflexology treatment is performed with the client laying down. The feet are slightly raised so that they can be worked on. Firstly the feet are warmed and relaxed. The entire foot is always worked on although focus can be put on certain reflex points (corresponding to the ailment to be worked on). The treatment is one hour long.

Reflexology (1 hour) £40

Oriental Face Massage

This Natural face lift massage can help boost the efficiency of the lymphatic system and so help remove toxins. It relieves tension built up in head, shoulders, neck and face and helps fresh oxygen and nutrients to flow more freely. In turn this allows the skin to become more radiant. This release of tension can help alleviate headaches, sinus problems and anxiety.

Oriental face Massage is known as “The Natural Face Lift”

Oriental Face Massage (45 minutes) £30

Bamboo Massage

The treatment I was trained to do was called “warm bamboo massage”, I have opted to drop the “warm” from the title for the sake of “false advertising”. The bamboo canes are warmed this makes them just slightly warmer than room temperature as the canes untouched are very cold.

The client starts off laying on their back covered in towels. The therapist rubs the front of the leg vigorously to warm the muscles in preparation. The tapotment canes are then used to “drum” the thigh. The therapist then effleurages oil over the leg to allow the canes to glide smoothly. The different sized canes are used for petrisage, effleurage, kneading and vibrations. Because of the length of the canes more surface area can be covered when doing lymphatic drainage. The leg is then covered. This is repeated for the front and back of the legs, the arms, neck and shoulders and concludes with the back.

Lots of clients have asked me to describe the sensations of being “drummed on, rolled or prodded” with Bamboo sticks and I really couldn’t describe it. I’ve had clients say “they felt energised” others “relaxed”. Bamboo massage I would say is a unique experience, so you’d have to just give it a try.

Bamboo Massage (1 hour 15 minutes) £50



A wonderfully popular treatment. Perfect for those initially looking to have an Indian Head Massage or Hopi ear candling treatment. Head2Head begins with an Invigorating mini Indian Head Massage followed by a balancing Hopi ear candling treatment and pressure point face massage (including a neck and shoulder massage). Only £40!

Game,Set and Match

If it were possible, this is a step up from the Swedish massage. Game, Set and Match involves a full body massage combining deep Swedish style with specially selected Aromatherapy oils to help combat those aches and pains and disperse that lactic acid ("knots"). only £50!

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