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Jina Life ~ Life, Career & Spiritual Coaching

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Love Your Job and you will never have to really work another day in your life! Take your 1st easy step & Download our FREE Career & Life Purpose Resource Pack! 7 Secrets to your Ideal Career today! CAREER COACHING & SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE

Contact NameJacqueline Pigdon
West London W6 9YD
Phone020 7099 7505
Mobile+61 404 362 379
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Welcome to Jina Life ~ Life, Career & Spiritual Coaching

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We believe at Jina Life that life really is too short to be spending so much of your time doing something you don’t really enjoy doing!

People change employment now on an average of 7 times in their lifetime and with so many choices out there today it’s no wonder Career Coaching is more popular than ever in helping people find and develop a job and career path they are not only happy and successful with but have an abundance of passion and energy for.


The lack of fulfilment at work has hit qualified professionals harder the ever. Usually confident, well-educated and highly ambitious, professional career people have found themselves feeling unfulfilled, un-satisfied and un-motivated at work, wondering where they went wrong?

They feel stuck in their current career and fear making a change will result in giving it all up and having to start all over again...

To help professionals not only love their job but find and follow their true purpose and calling in life, Spiritual Life & Career Coach Jacqueline Pigdon has launched a special program to help professionals become energised and engaged with their work, live with purpose and passion, jump out of bed with regained energy all the while knowing that they are on their right career path and making difference.

“Being unsatisfied at work is becoming a major problem for hundreds of people” explains Jacqueline, who has been helping professionals choose the right career path for many years. “But for many qualified professionals when they stop to recognise  that after all their years of hard work, dedication and success it has left them feeling flat and the effects can be devastating for their stress levels, happiness and family relationships."

Jacqueline’s program will work on two areas at the same time: Discovering your life purpose and putting together a practical plan to help you onto your right career path even if you are currently in the right industry already.

Although it’s crucial to have a job and provide for yourself and family, Jacqueline argues, it doesn’t help anyone when you are feeling unhappy, unmotivated, lacking energy and direction while you fear making the wrong choice or leaving it until it’s too late.

The program will point out how qualified professionals can discover and live their life purpose and become happy, fulfilled and successful in a career they are passionate about and makes a difference in the life of others.

To Register for this course or for more information:

Call Jacqueline Pigdon on UK +44 7500 626 935 Australia +61 404 362 379

Live Your Best Life!

Jacqueline Pigdon Jina Life Coach

For more information

Contact : Jacqueline Pigdon

Life Coaching Melbourne - Tel Australia: +61 (0) 404 362 379
Life Coaching London - Tel United Kingdom: +44 (0) 7500 626 935
Email : [email protected]

If YOU need help:

  • Finding your ideal job
  • Reaching the next level in your company
  • Starting your own business or enjoying it again
  • Gaining work/life balance
  • Developing management and leadership skills
  • Understanding how recruitment agencies work
  • Preparing your documentation and yourself ready to step into that interview or meeting with confidence!
  • Enhancing your working and professional relationships
  • Planning for transition and/or Active Retirement

    You have come to the Right Place! Our Jina Life Career Coaching can help you do that!

    We believe there is a job or career out there for everyone to love if they only searched or could see it. You might already be in it and want to progress to the next level or new business venture or you are wondering will you ever find your ideal career and purpose in life…?

    Step 1. What we do at Jina Life is first help you understand yourself for if you don’t truly know yourself then you won’t know what you want to do or what your true talents and skills really are!

    Step 2. Then we will help you get rid of any distractions or self limiting beliefs and behaviours that you are currently doing that hold you back.

    Step3. We then coach and guide you following specific steps and tasks to help you find and get onto the perfect career path and overcome your current challenges that will help you fulfil your life’s work with purpose and passion no matter what your age!

  • With Jina Life you will find out EXACTLY what the underlying causes of YOUR Life Problems are and how to SOLVE them once and for all!

  • Complementary 1st Consultation!

  • Bonus Astrology Birth Chart, Natal Chart & Unique Personality Analysis included in our program!

    What we do -

    We highlight to people exactly what is causing their problems in life, be it career, relationships, health and fitness, family issues, mindset, unhappiness, procrastination, time management, reaching a goal, loss, stress etc you name it! And we show, guide and help them through the exact steps they need to take to resolve their problems!

    How do we do this?

    At Jina Life we provide UNIQUE COACHING PROGRAMS that are literally AS UNIQUE AS YOU ARE! By combining Personal Life, Career, Business and Executive Coaching techniques with Spiritual Insights we can tell YOU exactly what is holding YOU back from reaching your full potential in every area of your life, how to maximise your RESULTS, get onto your right path, gain direction, reduce your stress levels, obtain work/life balance, love yourself and your life, get happy and ultimately feel peaceful and fulfilled within...!!

    Our Advantages:

    We can tell you the cause of your life and career challenges with only 3 simple pieces of information from you. We don’t need to spend lots of time and costs to find out what you need to do – via our unique Spiritual Tools we will tell you in the first session of your program and you can obtain positive results immediately!

    What can you expect?

  • A coach who is 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals.
  • Increased motivation and confidence levels
  • Dramatic improvements in your lifestyle
  • New insights into yourself on how you think & why things always just seem happen to you…
  • Achieve results more rapidly than you would on your own
  • Close the gap between where you are now and where you'd like to be
  • Live a life that you can only possibly imagine right now….

    What you will get:

  • x12 One-on-one Life Coaching & Spiritual Guidance Sessions
  • Astrology Birth Chart & Unique Personality Analysis
  • Post session personal file which includes all that was discussed in your sessions, goals and corresponding tasks set, our comments & unique spirituality reading material.
  • In-between session support which includes up to x2 15min phone calls per week, unlimited email support with 48hour response turn around times.

    Should you work with us?

    If you are sick of re-occurring issues in your life, ready to make positive changes, take yourself to the next step to achieve your goals, are prepared to look at yourself and take responsibility for your life, are open to new insights and ready to make changes NOW then YES you have come to the right place!

    Here’s what others are saying:

    “After only one hour with Jacqueline, we had come up with a plan on how I could move forward in my career. I followed the advice and within a matter of months I was in a completely new position! I truly believe in the aims and objectives of Jina Life!”

    Elizabeth Fagg / Accountant & Business Advisor - Cummings Flavel McCormack.

    “Personal & Career Coaching from Jina Life has helped me understand what my true strengths and weaknesses are and how I can use this new found information to increase my work performance and productivity, enhance my relationships both in my personal life and at work and no longer allow my weaknesses and old negative re-occurring behaviour to hold me back like they did in the past...”

    Troy Bottoms - ANZ

    What is your next step?

    Simply request your FREE no-obligation 45 min Career Consultation by clicking on this link below and completing our online form:

    Like to know more about us?

    Jacqueline Pigdon, the co-founding director of JINA LIFE Spiritual Guiders and Life Coaches and is highly skilled with a passion for providing unique insights to individuals, couples and groups by bringing out the full potential in each and everyone she works with. Her friendly yet dynamic and direct approach allows her to help and guide people by quickly getting to the root of the problem and highlighting the steps needed to resolve these problems.

    Jacqueline originates from a Corporate IT background, is a rower and sports coach, and believes that we all have more choices and more demands on our lives than ever before. “In a fast-changing world, the greatest skill we can have is to understand ourselves, and the people around us and most importantly be at peace with ourselves”. With the support from her International Spiritual Guidance team Jacqueline presents and facilitates practical strategies and mind shifting insights to her clients to develop that understanding, and to live a richer and more prosperous life. To see more please visit

    Ok so you’ve decided there is no more time to waste on things that are making you unhappy in your life and you’d like to discover your inner self and set inspiring personal and career or business goals to stretch and strive for?

    Call your potential new Life, Career & Spiritual Coach Jacqueline on 07500 626 935 to help you reach Your Potential in life!


  • Certificate IV Life, Business & Executive Coaching
  • Bachelor of Science

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    Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing

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