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Hunky Dory Life

Amanda Leith
A28 FORTH Street
Midlothian EH1 3LH
M07790 532 571
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Welcome to Hunky Dory Life

Hunky Dory Life is a thriving personal and performance practice, providing Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching to individuals and small businesses throughout the UK.

Hi, my name is Amanda Leith. I am a professionally qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Brain Train Academy is the leading provider of quality NLP & Hypnotherapy training/certifications in Scotland. They are Certified Richard Bandler trainers and licensed by the most widely recognised accreditation worldwide - the Society of NLP (SNLP).

Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis
Charis NLP a General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) approved training school.

Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching
The Coaching Academy (UK) Ltd, the largest training school in Europe and the most highly accredited course in the UK, I graduated from their Diploma with a Distinction.

Confederation of Scottish Counselling Agencies (COSCA)
Certificate in Counselling Skills. Stevenson College, Edinburgh

My diverse career has spanned a wide spectrum of employment. Working with learning disabled and autistic adults, small business owners, musicians, actors and general public.

I have gained extensive experience in behaviour modification and complex communication skills. I am a gifted communicator who uses a combination of sensitivity and humour to enthuse and empower people enabling them to find the clarity to identify and achieve their own desired results.


What does hypnotherapy involve?

The first stage in a hypnotherapy consultation will involve an informal chat. I will ask some questions to establish the nature of the issue and the necessary course to overcome or deal with it.
Hypnotherapy is a partnership between the therapist and the client. A person cannot be hypnotised unless they agree and co-operate fully. I cannot emphasise enough that nobody can make you do anything which you do not want to do, the people you see on television eating raw onions are doing it because they want to, they have chosen to participate. What hypnotherapists do is therapeutic and what stage hypnotists do is very different, it is entertainment.

The next stage is hypnosis.
I will then lead you with my voice into a state where your body and mind are relaxed. To an onlooker it might seem as if you are asleep but in fact, though you will normally feel very relaxed, you will remain awake enough to be aware. Also awake will be those parts of your mind which I will work with to induce beneficial changes.

I can help you use that incredible hidden power to achieve things in your life such as
    - weight loss
    - stopping smoking
    - increased confidence
    - phobias and anxieties
    - motivation and optimism
    - performance improvement in the arts and sport

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind, enhanced by (although not exclusively) mental and physical relaxation, in which our subconscious is able to communicate with our conscious mind. It may be better to define “hypnosis” by what it does rather than what it is and in this regard, it is widely accepted as a most excellent method by which we may access our inner potential. The state of mind referred to may be brought about either by oneself, unaided (self-hypnosis) or with the help of another person. If this other person is a trained professional, who utilises the resultant state of mind to encourage beneficial change to occur, the process is referred to as “Hypnotherapy”.
description taken from The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

Life Coaching

With a Life Coach you can explore your inner thoughts and revive your aspirations, take yourself and your life seriously and choose exactly what you want from it.

We can’t control what life throws at us, but we can control how we react to it.

Don’t leave your life and future to fate, whatever it is that you want, you have to be bold and be brave, challenge the thoughts that hold you back and change them into real tangible goals.

By setting goals it simply gives you an opportunity to have clear vision in life, a way forward, a target for change.It could be your job, health issues or just a feeling that something’s holding you back. When you identify this and then look beyond it, the feeling of motivation and incentive to change is inspiring and you’ll just love it.

Don’t make your life just full of excuses,
it really is up to you.

Call me now on 07790 532 571

What people say ...

"Thank you very much for helping me get started on a journey to clarity and personal performance." - TG


"Each session has been very useful, as I have gained insight into my own way of doing things. I am now able to use what I have learned about myself to accomplish more in a day." - EB


"I would recommend you as a life coach to anyone wanting to reach a personal goal, however small or large." - SR


“Meeting Amanda was a turning point for me. At our initial meeting, I was at an incredibly low point in my life. Through discussion and hypnosis, Amanda helped to give me the confidence and motivation to move in a more positive direction. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone and, indeed, wouldn't think twice about contacting her again should the need ever arise. with warm wishes” - FS


"I have lowered the pressure that I was feeling and have even stopped smoking!" - AS


"I had never tried hypnotherapy and was, to be honest, dubious - but how wrong was I!
I have stopped smoking, I am generally living a much healthier life and I have much more self confidence, all because I picked up the phone and rang Hunky Dory Life. Thank you so much Amanda"
- LB


"I left each session with a big grin on my face!" - SS


“Immediately I felt at ease with Amanda, the first session was ascertaining exactly what it was that I wanted ‘help’ with, which in this case was kicking the fags. I’d heard of the benefits of hypnotherapy before, but hadn’t really given it much thought or credence to be honest, how wrong I was! The relaxed state that I would go into seemed just that, a nice break from the day, but the realizations that came about through that and the dialogue that Amanda used were very potent and on occasion ‘eye opening’ and very self reflective. I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda as an hypnotherapist, one year on and not one cigarette has passed my lips, which, for those who know me, is quite incredible!!” - SJ

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