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Health Kinesiology London

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Claudia Benson has a health kinesiology practice in three London locations: East Fihchley in North London, Soho off Oxford Street, and London Wall in Moorgate/Liverpool Street. Do call or email if you want to discuss what you would like to work on

Contact NameClaudia Benson
1 Leicester Mews
East Finchley,
North London N2 9EJ
Phone020 7272 4121
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Claudia Benson

I have been practicing kinesiology since 2001 and have the full qualification in kinesiology- as Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner. I specialise in Health Kinesiology which I studied Health to the Professional level. I take other kinesiology based courses annually to update my skills.

Sessions are an hour and a quarter and cost £65. Reiki is also available at £50 for 1 hour.

The practice is based in the Highgate Health Centre in Highgate Village, North London. There is free parking on the high street and neighbouring roads. Archway underground station on the Northern Line is down the hill. Buses from Moorgate and Islington, Finsbury Park and Brent Cross Hendon, Muswell Hill, Crouch End.

In your session I will ask you your concerns, and about your lifestyle, any family history and your current goals so all areas requiring help are identified. You will then get some acupressure to balance you and get your subtle energy going well. Next I will use the actual kinesiology muscle testing to get an outline for what you need in the session. Then you have your health kinesiology balances which use acupressure with variously: magnets, crystals, essences, together with something specific to think to add a deeper pychological component. This aligns and boosts or calms the body’s internal subtle energy.

I will give you health suggestions, which again are muscle tested so we know they are relevant and important for you. This may include an affirmation to do at home for a few days, the best exercise for you, changes needed in your diet, something specific to do or to avoid. This 'homework' serves to support the subtle energy work that you will have had in the session.

Kinesiology was developed from chiropractic muscle movement when the link between organs and strength of different muscles was made. This was combined with acupressure on the acupoints along the meridians -from Traditional Chinese medicine. The Health Kinesiology muscle testing method was developed from this where stress and weaknesses and strengths in a person can be picked up from individual muscles.

Health Kinesiology works on a person’s subtle energy since it works with acupressure and the meridians, chakras, auric field, and inner soul. Subtle energy is the body’s natural inner healing system which gives the body its life force. In the modern world the body’s subtle energy gets depleted and overburdened. Day to day life stress can overload it. Health Kinesiology facilitates change in the subtle energy system to maximise this inner resource.

Health Kinesiology, because of its, non-invasive and gentle yet powerful approach, is a perfect complementary therapy for restorative well being for the constitution, relaxation, clarity and focus, and inner peace and calm.

Clients find sessions intriguing and that they feel lighter and happier after the session. Other positive shifts for the person often happen following after the session.

Due to the muscle testing method, often kinesiology is able to find causes and solutions and remedies which have long eluded them

Health Kinesiology can support you on your life’s journey and it is very useful in periods of life when things are very demanding, to find out something specific about what is causing or aggravating a more chronic condition or as a general 'pick-me-up'.

Session Cost :

Consultation 1hr £65.
Reiki 1hr £60

Testimonials About Claudia:

“Thank you for your help so far. I’ve seen some real positive changes in the way I feel.” (L.M., Civil Servant)

“After the session I felt perfect.” (D.I., Artist)

“I found my kinesiology sessions with Claudia, profound on many levels. She is a naturally warm and empathetic person who able to get right to the source of the matter. Her intuitive insights, gentle and nurturing care enabled me to move through, address and shift with ease and grace a number of very deep concerns that were affecting me and my well being. Claudia impressed me with her through yet gentle approach, her follow up email after my session with her was filled with very helpful practical recommendations that enabled me to continue my healing process. I would recommend Claudia as highly professional holistic practitioner who has a high level of personal integrity, I found my kinesiology sessions with her made a real and lasting difference to my core beliefs and overall sense of well being.”

“My confidence crisis about my horse stopped after one session. I felt confident, calm, and connected in my riding.” (M.O.,Teacher)

“ I got so much out of my sessions with Claudia. I really think the work we did together helped enormously. I felt very comfortable with her instantly as she immediately puts you at ease with her caring and gentle approach and she also has tremendous skill as a kinesiologist, she was very thorough and I felt the sessions affected me on a very deep level, not just for my complaints but to balance my whole being. I wholeheartedly recommend Claudia and her work. I really think that the kinesiology work Claudia did has helped enormously. A few tweaks that need to happen, but in comparison to how it was it is a huge leap. She was very thorough and the sessions affected me on a very deep level. ” (T.L.., Writer)

“I saw Claudia on a regular basis with massive improvements in my whole wellbeing. Not only did I feel hugely relaxed and free but I started to understand myself. I told my friends: “I don’t understand what she does, but it works!” (PG, Make-up Artist)

Health Kinesiology UK Studies Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner (KFRP) Reiki Master, 9th in line to Usui. Seikem Practitioner CPCAB Counselling Skills MTI Practitioner Diploma in Holistic Massage EFTI TFH Practitioner BSc Hons

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Allergy Testing / Treatments, EFT, Energy Healing, Flower Essences, Kinesiology, Mens Health, Reiki, Touch for Health, Womens Health

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