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Nutrition & WellBeing, Hair Analysis, Genova Diagnostics Lab tests, Kinesiology (Chakra Harmony)

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My vision and mission is simple: to free people trapped by their health issues

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Contact NameCynthia Sillars DipIK,KFRP, NNA, APBP,MNLP
AddressBlackwell Business Centre, Bell 15
1 Blackwell Lane

Darlington DL3 8QF
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Your journey to wellness starts here.....

Take a deep breath

You feel frustrated, exhausted, confused, overwhelmed, at the end of your tether. You just want to feel well again. 

Whether you are in your teens or your seventies – or anywhere in between - I’m here to guide and inspire you so that you feel energised, balanced and in full health. In essence, the very best version of yourself.

Here's what one person felt about my commitment

"Cynthia has a rare sensory gift, and quickly ascertained the root causes of health problems I was having during University, when many traditional doctors couldn't work out what was wrong. She was incredibly thoughtful and caring, and went above and beyond to really build a holistic picture of me. She was instrumental in my recovery and I couldn't recommend her more highly".

In all honesty you truly were the most wonderful 'doctor' I've ever met, and I felt blessed to have found you at a time I was really struggling with my health, so if I could have a support again like you I feel I would be a much healthier individual

- Freddie (London)

My vision and mission is simple: to free people trapped by their health issues.

Today, working from my clinic in Darlington, I do exactly that. I empower and inspire you to wellness. I give you a whole new perspective on how to do this. I offer gentle, nurturing treatments, advice for life with effective ways to recover. Based on science - delivered with love.

I am now offering ZOOM consultations which can be paid for in advance through the facilities on my web site 

The Path (Body)

Many health problems go deeper than the physical state of our bodies. But the body is a good place to start.

I listen to your history then suggest ways to wellness. I may recommend one or more tests to get scientific analysis of your current state of health.

Hair Analysis

  • An important way to check your mineral levels and if you have toxins
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Highlights hidden deficiencies 
  • Are you a fast or slow metaboliser? Stressed and wired or stressed and tired?
  • An easy to understand report with recommendations to bring back good health

Do you have a healthy gut?  Your gut health is intrinsically linked to whole body health

  • Comprehensive and fully explained test results with recommendations to correct any imbalances. The G.I Effects Stool Analysis from Genova Diagnostics UK is considered to be the Gold Standard of analysis of gastro-intestinal health
  • Please contact me for more information or mobile 07599 520406

Advice for LIfe

  • Some of the most effective treatments come about with simple, low cost (sometimes free) solutions, like walking barefoot on the wet sand of a beach like Bamburgh!
  • I advise you on significant changes you can make following science not trends to start to feel improvements quickly
  • Natural supplements
  • I recommend a range of all natural supplements to support you on your journey to health
  • I use ‘Practitioner Only’ products. These can be bought with a 10% discount using code CAS010 at checkout from

The Map (Mind)

Mindfulness workshops for businesses.

Mindfulness is becoming an increasingly useful tool in the workplace to help employees and teams work more effectively together.

I run hour-long group Mindfulness Workshops on your business premises. It includes:

  • a basic understanding of the principles of Mindfulness
  • how to manage stress in your work environment
  • ways to practice mindfulness in the workplace
  • three meditation sessions

The View (Spirit)

Have you ever sat around a campfire on a starlit night, listening to the sticks crackling in the flames? Looking up, did you have a sense of the hugeness of the Universe? The millions and trillions of stars revealed in the midnight sky, of having a sense of belonging to something greater than your physical self?

Let me take you back to that sense of belonging and bring peace to your spirit. Total wellness comes from the physical, mental and spiritual elements of our lives being in alignment, in much the same way as the stars and planets form alignments.


Using the power of subtle energy response testing (kinesiology) I work with you to find the deep hidden meaning of your history, past life issues and current deeply held negative beliefs. One of the most amazing attributes of Kinesiology is the way it can discover hidden reasons behind health issues. If you have tried so many therapies and feel you are not making progress, let me find out the root cause with Chakra Harmonisation.

To find out more please visit my web site

The Leap (Registration)

Are you still sitting on the fence? Don't hesitate a day longer! You may never find out what you are capable of achieving. It doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be expensive. It does take a level of commitment to want to get well, to give some new ideas a try

My Registration form gives you the opportunity to outline the reason for your enquiry. This saves valuable time otherwise spent on admin in the first consultation..

The Consultation Fee programme

Please contact me for programmes and prices - text 07599 520406 or email 


Here's what one person felt about

“I was admitted to hospital on Christmas Day 2014, to the High Dependency Unit, with pneumonia. I was seriously ill and remained there for eight days and a further 6 days on a chest ward. When I left hospital my immune system was very low and I was extremely weak. I also suffered severe hair loss. Cynthia was able to advise and prescribe the necessary supplements to boost my immune system and help me regain my strength. My hair also grew back and it is back to being in very good condition. She was there throughout my recovery to make sure I was making good progress. I cannot express how much her encouragement and help meant to me.I am certain I would not have made such a quick recovery without her expert knowledge and treatment. I continue to take a maintenance supplement as recommended by Cynthia.I have no hesitation in recommending Cynthia, she definitely played a huge part in my recovery and I have complete confidence in her. Her ability to get to the root of my problems was amazing. Thank you”.

(Chakra Harmonization and Nutritional supplements including Phytobiophysic Formulas)”

 - Anne C

“I went to see Cynthia after struggling to get an NHS diagnosis for my constant fatigue, low mood and associated health problems. I have always found Cynthia to be knowledgeable and professional but also a caring person. I particularly value her holistic approach to my problems and feel that this has contributed hugely to improvements in my health. I would highly recommend Cynthia to others seeking to manage their own health problems.
(Hair Mineral Analysis and Chakra Harmonization)”

- Carol C

“The report and all its findings is TOTALLY AMAZING. This has got to be one of the most radical, insightful methods of healing around. I’ve taken on the dietary changes you have advised and already feeling so much better...cant wait to see how I’m going to feel after taking all the supplements...really excited and full of hope. Thank you so much for all your wonderful knowledge and expertise on health, I feel very grateful and fortunate to have met you.

(Naturopathy and Hair Mineral Analysis)”

- Kate

“I have been working with Cynthia for over two years. She helps me optimise my diet and fuelling in order to strengthen and sustain my full on life style. Cynthia really does understand human body chemistry and how, with correct care, to prevent and overcome illness and in my case maximise my health, fitness and strength. We are all ‘connected’ so her work impacts mind, body and spirit. I really look forward to my sessions with Cynthia, they are a tour de force of maximising my potential and I leave supercharged for the next three months.

(Naturopathy, Hair Mineral Analysis and Opti-0-3 Blood spot test)”

- Dave Stitt, athlete and performance coach

“I had one session with Cynthia where she advised on basic changes I could make to my diet. I have been about 90% free of gluten, cow’s dairy and sugar for six months and found that after two months I noticed substantial improvements in my energy levels and moods related to PMT. In turn this has freed me up to exercise more this past winter, with all the resulting benefits from that too.

This has been after suffering with PMT for twenty five years for up to 12 days a month. So the improvement is a real relief.
(Naturopathy only) ”

- Liz D Harrogate

For more information or to make an enquiry contact Cynthia today!!


  • Nutritional therapist
  • Naturopathic Nutrition Association Registered Associate
  • Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner KFRP
  • Anatomy and Physiology with Applied A & P
  • Reiki Master in the lineage of Jin Kei Do
  • Hair Mineral Analysis Registered Practitioner
  • Genova Diagnostics Registered Practitioner
  • International NLP Association Registered Practitioner
  • Institute of Phytobiophysics ® Registered Practitioner
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Guide
  • Experienced columnist for web sites with special interests in health

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