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Intuitive Therapy Emelye Purser

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Would you like to try a massage for the first time? Emelye is a qualified, registered and insured holistic therapist, who specialises in Intuitive therapy. To complement this, she practises Reiki therapy, and massage. She works at Blandford Community centre, and you are invited to her garden therapy room. She is happy to visit you at home or at your work place, in the historical Georgian town of Blandford Forum.

Contact NameEmelye Purser
AddressTricuro Blandford Community Centre
Heddington Drive

Blandford Forum DT11 7TP
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Intuitive therapy is a professional and confidential service. Emelye uses her psychic ability to communicate helpful information to you, in an empathic and positive way.

With a free of charge, first consultation, to identify what you want to achieve from this therapy, and for you to ask any questions that you may have.

With your best interests in mind, and when you are comfortable, Emelye will work with your auric field, she will describe the shades of colour, and the shapes that they form. With this important information. She will have a picture of your health, and emotional patterns. She can work on your aura to release negative energy build up, brighten, your colours, and teach you how to develop your auric field, with surprising results.

Reading the human aura, tells a story that complements the psychic guidance that she gives. To form an accurate picture that is uniquely personal to you.

Emelye will pass on helpful information about your life, as she works with you. Foretelling future events, that can help you to prosper and flourish in your true form.

You can also phone me for psychic guidance. Make an appointment by e-mail please.

Phone appointments are £20 for 30 minutes and £35 for One hour.

If you would like to know more, please call Emelye on 07764 435302
30 minutes of Intuitive Therapy is £20

One hour of Intuitive Therapy is £35


Starting with a luxurious foot bath, then gently, relax into your massage, which is a powerful Ayurvedic system It is a holistic massage, with warm coconut oil and lime, to soothe your tired legs and feet. By using a combination of reflexology, Chinese Tui Na, Japanese Shiatsu and Indian science of life techniques. Emelye uses all of these trusted methods, which complement each other perfectly. To give you a well balanced, and rejuvenating treatment.

One hour of Thai foot massage is £35

To book an appointment call: 07764 435302


Reiki chill out time is an opportunity to recharge and unwind with the Reiki energy, peaceful music and a focus on colour.

Emelye works with the power of touch, to give the Reiki energy directly to you. A hug or, gentle touch, enhanced with Reiki, can give great, comfort and reassurance.

The immediate benefits are, relaxation, a drug free relief from tension and pain,
and a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Regular treatments are most beneficial, and have been known to have dramatically positive effects on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Also gives relief for those suffering with health problems, who are looking for a gentle, non-invasive therapy to complement any medication or treatment.

Always check with your doctor first. Tell any health care providers about any complementary health approaches you use. It is always helpful to give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health.

One hour of Reiki therapy is £35

For more information call Emelye: 07764 435302


Champissage goes beyond simple Indian head massage. It combines physical massage with chakra cleansing and Reiki, to bring the energy system of the whole body, back into balance.

Emelye is confident with her massage technique, that she adapts to suit each person she works with.

She will relieve any stiffness in your neck, and shoulders. A wonderful sensory experience, and acupressure point release. With the addition of plenty of Reiki energy. Following on with an amazing head massage, with hair play, to encourage healthy hair growth, and a gentle face massage, to chase away those worry lines, give you renewed vitality and aid restful sleep.

One hour of Indian Champissage is £35

To book an appointment call: 07764 435302


Emelye can visit you at your work place, for example on your lunch break. You just need a comfortable chair to sit on. An office chair is ideal. Stay fully clothed, relax and enjoy your massage to help you cope with your busy day.

This chill out time will help with fatigue from electromagnetic energy that is absorbed from computer screens, will refresh tired eyes, and bring soothing relief from tension headaches. The use massage oils is optional, there will always be some available, if you would like to see how they feel.

Emelye is visually impaired. Her lack of sight is no obstacle, as her sensitive touch will reassure you. She hopes you will very kindly welcome her when she is accompanied by her guide dog, who is essential for Emelye's mobility. As guide dogs are incredibly well behaved, she will just lie down quietly, and is always a pleasure to be with.

Twenty minutes of Work Place Indian Head Massage is £12

Call Emelye: 07764 435302 to book an appointment


Why not try the Thai foot and Indian head massage all in one. What a treat! time for you to indulge in a wonderful holistic massage, with warm coconut oil and peaceful music.

This begins with a luxurious, bubbling foot bath, then when you are comfortably relaxed, Emelye will begin with chakra cleansing and head massage, then follow on with an amazing foot massage. This powerful ayurvedic system is hugely beneficial for all ages.

The head massage complements the foot massage perfectly. It is a wonderful sensory experience, proving to be helpful for stress relief. Waking up your circulation, and a kick-start to a good detox, if you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

A one hour and fifteen minutes Head 2 Feet massage is £40

For an appointment call Emelye: 07764 435302


A deep tissue, full body massage, for complete relaxation and the relief of muscular tension.

Imagine you are on holiday, by the sea, listen to the waves, relax and let go.

30 minutes of Hawaiian massage is £20
One hour of Hawaiian massage is £40

Arrange an appointment with Emelye tel:07764 435302

Guild accredited training for Indian Head Massage 27/05/17 Professional Indian Head Massage Diploma 12/06/18 Guild accredited training for Thai Foot Massage 24/06/17 The Usui system of natural healing-First Degree 16/01/17 The Usui system of natural healing-Second Degree 21/03/17 The Usui system of natural healing-Third Degree Reiki Master/Teacher 22/06/18 Usui Animal Reiki Practitioner 29/04/18 UK Reiki Federation Reiki Master Teacher Member Lomi Lomi Massage Fully Accredited diploma 12/06/18

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Ayurveda, Energy Healing, Indian Head Massage, Meditation, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Thai Massage

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