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Dedicated to Excellence in Reiki

- Calm your Mind, Strengthen your Body, Heal your Body and Soul with Reiki

Contact NameGinny
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5 Holnest Road

Poole BH17 9WD
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What is “Reiki”?

What is a Reiki Treatment?

Can any health issues be treated with Reiki?

Can you treat clients currently under medical treatments?

What is distance Reiki Healing?

What is “Reiki”?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an ancient art that has been around for thousands of years, rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the mid 1800’s while meditating at one of the sacred mountains, near the City of Kyoto.

Reiki is a Japanese name consisting of 2 words “Rei” meaning “Higher Power” and “Ki” meaning “ Life Force Energy”. For that reason “Reiki” means “Universal Life Force Energy”.

Reiki is a powerful yet simple form of spiritual healing where the “Universal Life Force Energy” is channelled through the hands of the therapist to the body of the recipient. There is no belief system or faith attached to Reiki. Any one can receive a Reiki treatment or a Reiki attunement.

It has a profound effect on your general health and well being, working to bring about balance within the whole person not only on the physical level, but the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.

Even if you are feeling perfectly well Reiki can give your energy a great boost and offer you a wonderful way to truly relax!

What is a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki treatments are hands on and non intrusive. You just need to relax, let go, fully clothed, laying on a couch covered by a light blanket or seated while I will hold my hands lightly on or above you in different specific positions from the head to the toes, or on weak points at your request or just guided by my intuition.

Reiki energy flows wherever it is needed in the body and can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Because Reiki is so relaxing and soothing some people fall asleep and wake up so refreshed like they had 5 or 6 hours sleep!

A treatment normally lasts one hour. An extra 20 minutes should be allowed at the first session to give me time to get to know you, to find out how I can best help you and to explain to you a little bit about Reiki.

Can any health issues be treated with Reiki?

I believe that our body has the ability to heal itself. But because we are under stress at one level or another, at one time of our life or another, our body is not able to function well leading to health issues.

Reiki heals in helping our body to heal itself, in freeing it from restrictions, blockages and negative energy, allowing the life force energy to flow freely and naturally.

Reiki is an effective healing therapy, powerful and gentle at the same time, which has helped people with all kinds of health issues, from physical to emotional ones in….

  • Healing the whole body holistically
  • Relaxing and reducing stress
  • Calming and clearing the mind
  • Restoring your natural well being
  • Promoting natural self-healing
  • Promoting deep and rejuvenating sleep
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Relieving pain
  • Clearing toxins from the body
  • Treating symptoms and causes of illness
  • Recovering balance within the body and the mind
  • And more….

A complete cure can never be guaranteed with any form of medical treatment or healing methods, but Reiki treatments will help you whether in a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual way! Reiki (because of its universal consciousness) has its own intelligence and knows exactly where to go and what to do.

Can you treat clients currently under medical treatments?

Reiki treatments may be given with confidence alongside conventional medical treatments to assist recovery from illness, injuries, operations…. as Reiki is a non-invasive and complementary therapy, which can be used without any concerns of side-effects or overdoing.

Reiki is now used extensively as a complementary therapy in prisons, hospitals and included in drug rehabilitation programmes.

What is distance Reiki Healing?

You can receive distance healing in the comfort of your own home. Reiki healing energy can be transmitted worldwide. This form of Reiki is used by many millions of people. I would just need to receive a picture of yourself by email or post and a prepayment. Please feel free to contact me so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time, when you know you will have time to yourself.

About me

I have been channelling Reiki energy since May 2002 and became a Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master in May 2006.

I was drawn to Reiki to help my daughter when she was suffering from a lot of stress at school. Since then I have given treatments to friends, family, people with all kinds of needs and the results have been each time really rewarding and sometimes truly amazing!

For me receiving a Reiki treatment is receiving an energy which feels like unconditional love, given in a pure, warm and loving way which allows me to totally relax and be myself, a amazing, complete blissful experience!


"After a busy week with the children it was exactly what I needed. I went into a blissful state of relaxation during the session. The best ever Reiki treatment I had!

It has been a week now. I fell so much calmer especially with my children, more organised and just generally feeling much happier.

Ginny is a very mellow lady and does everything to make you feel comfortable during your session."
Marina Quinn, Watford, Hertfordshire

"A big thank you to Ginny who changed my life around with Reiki Healing.

When I first arrived to see Ginny I was suffering from grief and loss issues, anxiety, depression and constant urine infections.

On the 1st Reiki session I felt unconditional love, peace, warmth, colour visualisation and powerful energy from Ginny's hands, yet gentle, pushing me towards healing and change..

I went home and slept for hours and had the best nights sleep in months since.

After 3 Reiki sessions my depression has lifted. I feel peaceful, calm, happy and positive. My urine infection has completely cleared up & I feel that my mind and body have made radical healing changes in a very short period of time.

I would definitively recommend Ginny for Reiki Healing, the results are miraculous."
Janis, Poole, Dorset

“Before the Reiki treatment, I was very stressed and unable to sleep properly to the point I could only sleep 2 hours per night. I was either brooding about the past or worrying incessantly about the future.

As the session began, the positive healing energy of love which I felt was immediate. My mind calmed down and started releasing the negative thought processes and emotions that no longer serve me well.

This feeling of peace and serenity stayed with me long after the session and brought me closer to regaining control of my mind and my emotions.

On top of that I hadn’t been able to walk for weeks because of a strong pain and inflammation in my right foot. I don’t need anymore pain killers now and really, I haven't felt so peaceful and calm for a long time.

Thanks again!”
Caroline O’Neil, Harrow, Middlesex

"I had been having a pain in my leg for some weeks, and it was becoming very uncomfortable especially as I am a keen dancer. I could not understand how Reiki could work without any form of massage.

However after two sessions with Ginny the pain was considerably eased, and after one more session the pain had disappeared.

I would certainly have Reiki again, and would certainly recommend it to anyone seeking an alternative pain relieving treatment. It may not suit everyone but it was definitely beneficial to me."
Jane Brooks, Poole, Dorset

"I have been feeling very exhausted for a long time and some days the demands of my job (very long hours) are so heavy that I don’t know how I can get through the day.

Your offer of sending me Reiki at distance was so amazing. Each time you send me Reiki, I start to feeling warmth in my body and shortly afterwards I feel a renewed energy, not only physically but in my mood as well.

Thank you so much. I frequently recommend you to people who would greatly benefit from your Reiki treatments "
Jeff, Poole, Dorset

"Having Reiki treatment therapy with Ginny has helped me enormously.

I was suffering from neck pain and emotional trauma following a car accident.

During the first Reiki treatment, I noticed with amazement while Ginny had her hands placed on my head, on my neck, then on my shoulders, that my upper body moved on its own accord to readjust itself back to its normal position.

After two sessions my discomfort, pain was greatly diminished and gained a feeling of well being which has stayed with me."
Simon Bassett, Poole. Dorset

"Thank you for the Reiki treatment as it has made a big impact on my health after just one session.

As you know I suffer from lupus and at times experience muscle pain, fatigue and restless sleep. Before my Reiki treatment I was struggling to sleep, get up in the morning and then would be drowsy for hours, but after just one session with you I immediately noticed a big difference.

I now sleep so deeply, I wake up refreshed and alert even before my alarm clock goes off. I also feel much better overall and have more energy than I have had in months.

I know from personal experience that a gifted Reiki master, like yourself, can dramatically improve ones overall well being and I am grateful that I met you."
Tara Harper, Poole, Dorset

"I was suffering mainly from grief and an inflamed rash of spots on my scalp after losing both of my parents.

I was stressed and tired and had found no treatment, including a year on antibiotics, helped me despite seeing doctors and dermatologists for a period of 2 years.

I had 6 treatments of Reiki with Ginny and straight after the 1st session I felt relaxed and calm. I began to sleep better and I noticed after the 4th treatment the spots on my scalp started to disappear.

It got better and better each time and the spots vanished completely as well as the irritation.

I would definitively recommend Ginny to other people!"
Marion, Bournemouth, Dorset

"Coming to see you was one of the most important decisions I made this year.
From being physically and emotionally drained at the beginning to feeling well and "in balance" six weeks later.
Thank you so much, you really helped when I needed it most."
Karen L, Poole, Dorset


If you are wondering what a Reiki treatment feels like and what it can do for you, the ATTRACTIVE OFFERS below will give you a wonderful chance to find out!

To give time for the Reiki Energy to act on the root of the problem and to work deeply on the body, it is highly recommended to commit to at least 3 Reiki Treatments,with follow-up treatments as necessary.

60 minutes treatment £40

45 minutes treatment £30

30 minutes distance Reiki healing session £20

Introduce a friend and you will get £10 off your next treatment as a "Thank You"!

NB. Offer valid at the presentation of a copy of this page


I teach Reiki I, II and III on one to one basis as I feel it is a more profound and beautiful experience.
Please contact me for courses content, date and price.

Student Testimonial
" Thank you very much for my lovely attunement to Reiki I. Something very nice really took place on Friday and I do feel great since. The day was made to be special and I really appreciated the love and warmth from the start to finish.

As I received attunements many years ago, I do know that what I received on Friday was strong and full of warmth.

Since, I have been enjoying my daily healings which I do twice daily for an hour to practice. I am feeling so much brighter and so looking forward to my future with healing."
Sharon, Bournemouth, Dorset

Call me on 01202 658 951 for a non obligation chat to ask all the questions you might have or simply make an appointment!

Whatever your reasons for coming for Reiki I can help you in the way that is right for you!


Usui &Tibetan Reiki Master since 10th May 2006

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Energy Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

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