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Contact NameJean Carpenter MAR mBANT CNHC
AddressMoreton Pinkney
Daventry NN11 3SL
Phone01295 768426
Mobile07904 211278
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Jean Carpenter is a qualified complementary practitioner based in Moreton Pinkney South Northamptonshire easily accessible from Banbury, Northampton Daventry, Brackley Towcester or the surrounding villages. She offers Reflexology, Nutritional Therapy, Food Intolerance Tests, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Ear Candling.

Jean specialises in Gentle Touch™ Reflexology which has a light pressure with a focus on comfort and relaxation. The treatment consists of gentle pressure applied to areas of the feet known as reflexes which correspond to different areas of the body. Deeply soothing and relaxing, it is thought that it can help to restore equilibrium, re-balance body systems, and boost energy levels. Calming and non invasive, reflexology can be hugely beneficial in supporting people through stress related conditions ie anxiety, digestive or hormonal disorders, chronic illness where energy is low or for people who have difficulty sleeping. However, it is important to understand at the outset that everyone's response to reflexology is different and individual.
Price £40 for 75min
* Mention Natural Therapy Pages when you book a reflexology and receive 20% off your first treatment.

Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional Therapy encourages self healing through diet. For optimum health good nutrition can provide a preventative approach to health, as well as helping conditions such as digestive disorders, hormonal issues, fatigue, depression and anxiety, skin problems, allergies, infertility, high cholesterol, and weight control.
Our attitude and approach to life, as well as our food, has a direct effect on how our body performs. A consultation has a sensitive, holistic approach giving life style advice and support where needed, tailor made to suit the individual.
Price £40 for 45mins
For more information about how nutritional therapy might help you visit

Food Intolerance Tests
Jean also offers Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests for those people who are suffering from on going symptoms which they feel could be a reaction to something they are eating. ie Rhinitis, skin problems, digestive issues and fatigue. Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests analyse your blood sample for food specific IgG antibody reactions. This means that an individual can quickly and simply find out what they may be reacting to and immediately make the appropriate dietary adjustments for optimum health.
Price £250 includes the test and two 40 minute consultations.
More information on

Ear Candling
Ear Candling is a relaxing and gentle approach to clearing ear wax and impurities from the ear, equalising pressure after congestion due to colds, sinus infections or as a result of flying.
Price £30 for 45mins.
*Mention Natural Therapy Pages when booking an Ear Candle and receive a free 20 minute indian head massage.

Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage is a soothing non-invasive upper back, shoulder, neck and head massage which can be given fully clothed and seated in a chair or lying. Ideal for anyone suffering from symptoms brought on by muscle tension.
Price £30 for 45 mins

Reiki is simply a way of generating energy flow to the body systems by laying hands on or over areas of the body inducing a feeling of calm and well being. It is a non-invasive simple and natural healing method. Ideal for people suffering from fatigue or anxiety.
Price £40 for 60 mins
For more information of any of the above therapies visit

About Jean
Before working in the health and well being sector, she was a primary school teacher. During that time, she received regular complementary therapy which she found helped her to sustain her energy and stay well through till the end of term! Her interest and enthusiasm in reflexology and complementary therapy was so great she decided to develop it further by training in Gentle Touch TM Reflexology at the Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies in Loughborough and has been working as a reflexologist since 2003. Since then she has also trained in Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage and Reiki and also gained a diploma in Nutritional Therapy which she uses as a stand alone therapy or alongside reflexology.
Jean works with people from all walks of life who come to her for time out and one to one support improving well being and counteracting the effect of the stresses and strains of life. Jean feels that the reassurance one can give with a touch therapy is a wonderful thing to offer someone who may be experiencing difficulties in life whether they are suffering from the symptoms of stress juggling work and family,coping with chronic illness or dealing with anxiety or grief.

What to expect in a treatment
Whatever the therapy the session always starts with a health questionnaire including medical history and a general chat about any symptoms, health goals and expectations. The information gathered is kept confidential and records are held secure in keeping with her data protection policy.
For reflexology you will be asked to sit in a reclining chair and your feet are wrapped in a towel with you being made comfortable with pillows. Jean assesses your feet first and then starts the treatment with some foot massage to relax you.
After that she will start to work the reflexes on the feet. The treatment lasts for approximately and hour and at the end of the treatment Jean will leave you for a few minutes and bring some water to drink. She will then talk to you after the treatment about what she felt. The recommendation is that plenty of water is drunk at least 24 hours after the treatment to flush out any toxins that may have been released.


" I have been seeing Jean Carpenter for reflexology sessions for many many years! She provides a wonderful, relaxing and energising treatment. Jean has a lovely friendly and calm manner, which is perfect for those times when you need a lovely pampering personal treatment. I thoroughly look forward to my regular sessions and always feel fantastic when the treatment is complete"
JK South Northants

"Jean's treatments are extremely relaxing and beneficial, providing the time to think about anything or nothing! They help with a number of aches and pains and overall leave me feeling refreshed and revitalised. Jean makes you feel very at ease, explaining things in a straightforward way. I would have no hesitation in recommending her."
RF Braddon

"Reflexology has been my time out. Jean Carpenter has been a superb medium for that. I have not only felt deeply relaxed during many of the sessions but reflexology has drawn attention to two particular areas of my health, one of which was confirmed more specifically on medical diagnosis, and the other alerted me to responsible prophylactic action."
CW Culworth

"I undertook a course of reflexology on the recommendation of a delighted neighbour whose Hopi treatment had greatly improved his hearing. I've found Jean Carpenter's approach to reflexology gentle, highly relaxing and highly effective. Some results are of immediate benefit, whilst some results are experienced in a gradual and accumulative basis creating a general sense of well being, good health and stamina."
SH Eydon

"I am a 44 year old company director. About a year ago I became affected by a debilitating condition medically known as post viral fatigue. This affected my mind and body to the extent that I was unable to function normally.
Following months of incapacity I decided to try reflexology. From the first treatment the improvement to my overall feeling of well being was significant. Continued reflexology and reiki treatments have helped me rebalance and tune into body and mind. Further, I have achieved levels of meditation and relaxation that previous to this treatment I never knew existed.
In addition to the actual treatment, the consultation and support provided by my practitioner has been invaluable. The care I have received has been a major factor in my recovery which is now almost complete.
Having felt the numerous benefits I intend to continue the therapies on a regular basis."

PG Northants


Practitioner Diploma in Gentle Touch™ Reflexology AoR registered. (MAR) Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (Dip CNM) Registered with BANT and Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) and the CNHC

Service Categories
Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, Nutrition, Reflexology, Reiki

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