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FootCare Clinic Ltd

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FootCare Clinic Ltd offers a wide range of Podiatry and Chiropody treatments and provides an experienced and professional as well as friendly and caring solution to all foot related health issues.

Contact NameJulie Meehan
AddressFootCare Clinic
52 Watling Street
Gillingham ME7 2YN
Phone01634 851663
Mobile07985 572064
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Welcome to FootCare Clinic Ltd

My work ethic is to provide you with an experienced and professional solution to all your foot related health issues. I am very particular about the foot care that I provide believing in quality of treatment and not quantity of patients I can see in a day. I am also very particular about clinical cleanliness and abide strictly to the standards set by the Health Professions Council and Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. All work surfaces are cleansed between patients and all instruments are sterilized after each treatment in an autoclave and stored under ultra violet light to maintain the highest standard of hygiene quality. The clinic has been designed to create both an uplifting and relaxing environment for all our patients, many commenting on how fresh, clean and calm the practice is. I enjoy my job and make every effort to make your treatment as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. After all laughter is the best medicine.

Why Seek Help?

How many times have you heard the saying: “when your feet hurt you hurt all over?” Plenty, I am sure. So if you have any kind of foot or leg pain, why wait? The vast majority of my patients after one treatment* will walk out feeling like they are “walking on air”.

What Can I Treat?

General Chiropody / Podiatry Treatment includes
  • toe nail cutting and filing
  • management of thickened or very curved toe nails
  • ingrown toe nails
  • removal of hard or dry skin
  • removal of corns
During this treatment I will be able to advise your best course of action in treating
  • fungal nail conditions
  • thickened or ingrown toe nails
  • many skin conditions such as athletes foot and psoriasis
  • preventing hard skin build up
  • preventing corns from returning
  • foot care advise
  • footwear advise
The treatment ends with a complementary foot massage**

Verruca Advice and Treatment

Verruca treatments are separate to chiropody treatments. I use a controlled acid treatment to kill the verruca over a period of time***

Diabetic, Rheumatoid and other “high risk” patients

Any “high risk” patient (meaning patients that require specialist treatment) should be careful about who cuts their toe nails and maintains their general foot health. All podiatrists including myself are qualified to provide the best possible care for all high risk patients for example, diabetic conditions ranging from general foot health to ulcer management.

The rheumatoid foot should also be well respected. Long term use of prescribed steroids can cause thinning of the skin and reduce signs of infection. A careful eye should be kept on the foot condition. Often cushioning insoles are required for very sore feet.

People with a health condition which compromises their immune system should not be worried about the risk of infection. I am trained to prevent any form of cross infection and abide by the strictest hygiene standards.

Biomechanical Assessments- for foot and leg pain

Pains that occur in your feet, legs, or even your back, can be due to the alignment / position of your body when you are walking, standing or making a specific or repetitive movement. If the alignment of your feet, legs and back is not quite right, extra stresses and strains can be placed on the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. This can either cause immediate pain or a built up of pain over a period of time.

A biomechanical assessment looks at your postural alignment from head to toe and in the podiatrists case concentrates on the leg from the hip down to the foot.

These assessments can help diagnose why you are getting the pain and how to treat and or prevent the pain from reoccurring. You may just need some simple stretching exercises. However, orthotics (which are prescription insoles) can be made if needed to help realign your posture and therefore help take the pain away.

In-grown Toe Nail Surgery

I am fully qualified to administer local anaesthetic to treat an in-grown toe nail. If required, I am also fully qualified to remove an ingrown toe nail under local anaesthetic.

Do You Have a Phobia?

It is my job to put you at ease at all times during your treatment. I find that by explaining to my patients what I am going to do before a treatment and finding out from you exactly what you feel uneasy about I can help put your mind at rest. I will not start a treatment if a patient does not feel happy about what the treatment involves. By ensuring that you understand that you can ask any questions at any time before, during and after any treatment, this helps to put your mind at rest and gives you more control over what is happening.

Working With Other Health Professionals

In order to treat whatever foot or leg problem you may have, you must always treat the cause of it. It is important to understand that sometimes chiropody / podiatry will only be a part of your treatment plan. I will often refer patients to osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionalists and other therapists, whichever qualified professional is needed in order for you to have the best possible treatment outcome.


My FootCare Clinic is situation on the A2 next door to the Gillingham Clinic of Osteopathy and Complementary Medicine which is opposite the Camping International Car Park. As you can see from the map below it is easily accessible from Gillingham and Chatham.

Attending patients travel easily from Rainham, Rainham Mark, Twydall, Wigmore, Parkwood and Hempstead.

By Bus:
The A2 Watling Street is supplied by regular buses.Numbers 116, 120, 121, 132 and 700 all supply this route. Bus stops are located near to the practice with pedestrian crossings allowing a quick and safe 2 minute walk to the clinic.

By Car:
There is free parking on my side of the road in Cleave Road and the lower half of Malvern Road. Free parking is also located behind Camping international on Ospray Avenue.There is a walkway opposite Montrose Avenue which brings you out by the Post Office and Camping International. There is a pedestrian crossing here where you can safely cross. The clinic is a minutes walk from the crossing.

Please note that Watling street is restricted to 30 minutes parking.

Disabled Parking
For patients who have difficulty walking, you can display a disabled badge and park on Watling Street for up to 3 hours. Alternatively there is space outside the clinic for a car or taxi to pull up and drop you off safely.

Please note that there is one step up into the clinic. Everything is on the level inside.

Bookings and Queries

I can be reached preferably via my mobile telephone 079 855 720 64. Please leave a message if I am unable to answer and I will get back to you at the first available opportunity.

My email address is [email protected] Please note that I do not check my email on a daily basis.

Please print off this voucher and bring it with you
to claim 10 % off of your first treatment


Please note: If 24 hours notice is not given when cancelling an appointment for whatever reason, a cancellation charge will apply.

*(depending on the medical condition I am presented with)
**(unless a health condition prevents me from doing so)
*** (subject to medical history and any other contraindications. Parental consent is required to treat a child. There is no set period of time that can be given in order to cure the verruca)


I attended the Wessex School of Podiatry and qualified in 1998. Bsc(Podiatry), MChS, SRCh, HPC Reg.

I practiced in Kingston upon Thames until 2000 and have been building my practice in the Medway Towns ever since.

I ensure I keep up to date with all my clinical professional development set by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and I am registered with the Health professions council. Please feel free to click on the following link to ensure that I am qualified:

I attend monthly meetings with the Kent Branch Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and I am currently the minutes secretary.


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