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I Feel Good Therapy Clinic

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Complementary Therapies

Contact NameBeata Dzwigol
Address39 Percy Road
Guildford GU2 9PA
Phone01483 674157
Mobile07731 673 759
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We are here to help you and to bring balance and health back into your life so that your mind, body and soul are in harmony and at peace.

Being constantly on the run, overworked and stressed are main factors in feeling unhealthy and unbalanced.

I Feel Good Therapy Clinic offers holistic therapy for: Relief Pain, Relax, De-stress, Balance, Find Emotional Comfort and Energise.

Here you will soon feel better in a natural and effective way.

Holistic Therapies

For wellbei​ng and for your health

Treatments: Reiki, NST- Neurostructure Integration Technique(Adv. Bowen Therapy), Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Drainage RLD, Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD, Vacuflex Concept, Swedish Massage, Tui Na- Chinese Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Combined Treatments - Inner Balance, Lymphastim Pressotherapy.

If you are still unsure which therapy is right for you, why don’t you email or call us and we will answer your questions as soon as we can?

NST - Advanced Bowen Therapy & Spinal Integration
NST Health offers effective relief for back pain, stress and trauma.

The treatment NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique) was developed by Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy and results in fast and effective pain relief combined with increased energy levels and better health.

This method of pain relief causes the patient to relax deeply.

Relaxation is followed by a spontaneous automatic correction within the muscular, nervous, visceral and endocrine systems.

The treatment may be used a number of times for its full effects to be achieved however 85% of those treated report full pain relief after a few sessions.

NST is highly effective for relieving back, neck, shoulder, wrist, knee and ankle pain and pain from accidents and sporting injuries.

Sometimes referred to as soft tissue osteopathy or chiropractics, NST also assists with the psychological and nutritional needs of individuals thus allowing NST Practitioners to completely satisfy Edison’s vision of ‘The Doctor of the Future’.

  • Back pain, neck pain and all spinal conditions
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand conditions
  • Accident and sporting injuries
  • Headaches including migraines
  • Cranial conditions including whiplash
  • Arthritis and joint conditions
  • Stress conditions and emotional depression
  • Menstrual, fertility and menopausal conditions
  • Pre and post-natal conditions
  • Digestive and intestinal conditions
  • Asthma and respiratory conditions
  • Acute and chronic fatigue
  • Infant and child conditions
  • Trauma

In our feet, hands and face there are receptors which are directly linked to every organ in our body. By applying pressure we massage these points through which receptor signals are sent to the brain getting an immediate positive response. Reflexotherapy helps to stimulate the body in a natural and correct way to rejuvenate all the organs in the body. It also has strong preventive effects, and it removes toxins from our body.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage RLD
RLD is based on the natural structures and the flow of lymph. This technique reduces secondary lymphoedema ("persistent tissue swelling due to blockage or absence of the lymph drainage channels with accumulation of interstitial fluid" Mortimer 1998). Removes swelling in the arm following treatment for breast cancer. Irreplaceable in improving the quality of life for women with lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment (psychological and emotional). The aim of the study was to assess the quality of life in breast cancer survivors with upper extremity lymphoedema. Different ways of doing reflexology lymph drainage also removes swellings and blockages of lymph in other parts of the body (eg. legs, hands). The lymphatic system interacts with three other body systems: cardiovascular system, digestive system and immune system.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle but powerful, rhythmic manual technique for:
  • Cancer patients with secondary lymphoedema
  • Patients with primary lymphoeadema
  • Health & Beauty benefits

    Lymphoedema is a chronic, long-term condition that causes swelling in the body's tissues. It can affect any part of the body, but usually develops in the legs, arms of head.
    It develops when the lymphatic system doesn't work properly. The lymphatic system is a network of channels and glands throughout the body that helps fight infection and remove excess fluid.
    It's very important that lymphoedema is identified and treated as soon as possible. If it isn't treated, it can get worse and cause lots of problem in life.

    MLD is highly recommend for healthy people as a powerful way of :
  • Clearing toxicity, cancer cells, viruses, debris, excess of hormones
  • Boosting immune system
  • Clearing chronic colds and sinuses infections
  • De-stressing and deeply relaxing
  • Re-energising
  • Natural facelifting
  • Cellulite removal

    Lymphatic Drainage is a treatment which has been described in the Daily Mail as ‘one of the best kept secrets on the health and beauty scene’ and is listed as one of the ‘Super therapies’ in Jane Alexander’s book.

    The lymphatic system interacts with three other body systems: cardiovascular system, digestive system and immune system.

    Lymphastim Pressotherapy

    Lymphastim is a non - invasive and painless treatment based on the pneumatic pressotherapy principle. Clinically proven and tested system with visible results after first treatment.

    It is also replicating the effectiveness of the manual Vodder drainage technique.
    ​Lymphastim stimulates lymphatic flow in peripheral and deep lymph nodes.

    Special applicator trousers with multiple overlapping chambers will gradually inflate and deflate, starting from the ankles and moving to the upper thighs, to provide gentle massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body.

    Benefits of Lymphastim Pressotherapy:
    • stimulates lymphatic flow in peripheral and deep lymph nodes
    • evacuates metabolic residuals from the interstitial spaces
    • enhances immunological system response
    • ​improves oxygenated blood flow
    • helps the skin reigns its tone and looks better and firmer
    • pressure waves of the overlapping chambers relax muscles and remove excessive liquids from tissues with metabolic products and calm muscle spasm

      The therapy is very effective due to the precise movement of lymphatic fluids.

    • Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine
    • Lymphology and Rheumatology Clinics
    • Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness

      The LYMPHASTIM Pressotherapy is definitely MORE EFFECTIVE than the manual lymph drainage provided by therapist’s hands

      Tui Na Massage (deep)
      This is a kind of acupressure which is a Chinese technique of healing massage. It enables the flaw of energy in the body and opens blockages if they occur. Every energy block causes physical and emotional problems. By applying pressure we stimulate tense areas of the body by which blockages are eliminated in energy channels (meridians). This way full body relaxations occurs. By using this type of treatment we heal headaches, neck pain, whole back pain, hip pain, leg pain, sciatica and all internal organs dysfunctions.

      This is a manual way of working with the body by means of moving and applying pressure on the skin by which the skin, bones and muscles are stimulated. In this way we work on blood circulation, the nervous system and even internal organs.

      • Swedish, Relaxation, Quantum Therapeutic Massage, Tui Na Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage
      • Facial Massage with Acupressure
      • contains ear + head + scalp + shoulder + neck massage.

      Vacuflex Concept ™ works in such a way as to awaken the body to maximise the process of self healing by joining two ancient healing techniques:
      • meridian therapy (acupuncture without needles) and
      • reflexology of the feet
    • This special equipment is very effective in healing various illnesses and in REMOVING STRESS and TOXINS from our bodies.
      The treatment is - safe and painless.

      Reiki is a universal healing therapy. It works by stimulating glands and internal organs which enables them to start their self-healing process by stimulating energy in chakras. Scientific research has proved that Reiki reduces pain, eliminates sicknesses and helps us recover from mental problems such as depression or stress. It allows you to achieve inner self satisfactions, peacefulness and self-worth which lead to a feeling of happiness.

      Nutritional Consultation
      Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) claims that diet is the most important aspect of healthy living and being in harmony with oneself. If this balance is unsettled, diet helps to restore - our health and rejuvenate our immune system.

      Hopi Ear Candling
      This unusual treatment is derived from Indian Hopi. It works by placing empty beeswax tubing into the ear and removing ear wax. It helps to improve hearing, eliminating „noises” in the ear and curing problems with lack of body balance caused by middle ear infections. It relaxes and gives the feeling of wellbeing.

      Treatment combined with acupressure of head, neck and ear massage.

      Sound Relaxation
      A Gong Bath (also has been referred to as a Gong Meditation or Gong Savasana) after some gentle movement and breath work, participants recline and are “bathed” in the sound of the gong. Within this experience, tensions are released, blockages cleared, and the mind is able to stop its chattering.

      Meditations reduces stress and quietenes the mind. It makes us stop and lets us see within ourselves. Research has proved that meditation reduces blood pressure, restores heart rate to a healthy one, relaxes muscles and allows the body to rejuvenate. By relaxing our mind we make right choices and decisions in our lives.

      Workshops & Courses

      I offer a range of workshops and courses including;
      • Reiki Share
      • Reiki Levels I and II
      • Guided Meditation
      • Gong Bath & Meditation
      Please call us in advance before any event to book your space on 07935 651585 or 07731 673759 - Places are limited.

      Click here for upcoming dates and more information.

      Treatment Fees

      Click here for our complete treatment menu and price list.

      About Me - Beata Dzwigol

      FEEL GOOD THERAPY CLINIC was created from pure passion.

      Beata is a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, NST (Advanced Bowen Therapy) Therapist and Massage Therapist.

      She finished the course of Chinese Diet (with TCM) after she accomplished the start up to study TCM organized by German-French Institute "Avicenna Institut".

      She finished the International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy which allowed her to acquire the technique to apply gentle pressure on certain parts of the body in order to "repair” the body. She knows the system of Chakras and Meridians (energy channels in the body) which are still improving her treatment for the better.

      Reiki and working with the body became her passion, but the biggest satisfaction to her is seeing her Clients healthy, happy and satisfied.

      Beata additionally works at Mount Alvernia Hospital and is a volunteer in The Fountain Centre at Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford.

      For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give Beata a call on 07731 673759

      Registered with CNHC, AoR, BTPA

      Service Categories
      Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Bowen Therapy, Chinese Massage, Ear Candling, Energy Healing, Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Meditation, Mobile Service Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Stone Therapy Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Yoga

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