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Rowena J Ronson

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A Unique and Holistic Integration of Functional Medicine, Homeopathy and Transformational Coaching and Counselling.

Address8 Abbey Court
Holywell Hill
St. Albans AL1 1HA
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Combining Homeopathy and Functional Medicine to assess and address the underlying causes of disease with a cutting edge, scientific, holistic, individualised, person-centered, natural and sustainable approach to health.

An inevitable advancement on the traditional disease-centered Western medical model – where patients are considered to be a collection of unrelated symptoms, to be treated by as many specialists, with as many different medications, accompanied in turn by their numerous side effects, which then need further treatment.

Functional Medicine encourages us to understand and take responsibility, and control, for our own health, and reap the benefits from owning our own choices in how we take care of ourselves and live our precious lives. A combination of assessment tools, lifestyle changes, education and nutrition are incorporated into this individualised model of health.

Homeopathy offers a natural and holistic medicinal approach to treating acute and chronic illnesses, on all levels. In addition, CEASE Therapy supports a detoxing process for our bodies to eliminate the damaging effects of toxic medications including vaccinations. Functional Medicine and Holistic Nutrition provide the raw materials we need in order to stay healthy.

Counselling and Coaching

If you are reading this, you might be going through an unmanageable amount of stress or a crisis in your life, and are on the search for some support with counselling or transformational coaching. You might be feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, or struggling with grief, loss or stuckness that you no longer can find tolerable. If this is so, you have come to the right place.

It could be that you have been stuck for some time in patterns of thoughts, uncomfortable feelings and consequent behaviours, that are not serving you, and you are looking for a way out and a way forward. That is what I am here for.

I offer a warm and supportive space for you to come and share your story. I will listen to you with empathy and compassion, and without judgement, as if you were a dear friend asking for my support to help you through a difficult time.

Once you have shared your story, we will then work with it to find a more beneficial way for you to see it, live with it and move forward with its continued creation. We will question your deep-rooted beliefs that will be revealed in our conversations. Where needed, I will introduce you to psychological frameworks to help you understand yourself better. We will work through old wounds and work towards healing them. We will quest together to find ways of navigating a present and future path that brings more health and joy to all aspects of your life.

Working on your ‘self’ is not really ‘work’ at all. It is a creative process that comes from the heart and is supported in a heartfelt and intuitive space. I encourage you to bring it all. What you think you want to share, and the stuff in your shadow that you might never have shared with anyone before. I provide a safe space, and I want to support you in your healing journey. I am right here.

I draw on a growing wealth of knowledge and wisdom, which comes both from my own healing journey, as well as my total dedication and continuing commitment supporting others through theirs.

You are the most important person in your life. If you don’t take care of yourself, and indeed love, respect and value yourself – then you will struggle taking care of anyone else close to you. The nurturing has to start with you.

My work combines my experience and training in Transactional Analysis, NLP, CBT, Gestalt, Systemic Family Therapy, Life Coaching and Relationship Counselling.

Functional Medicine, Homeopathy, CEASE Therapy, Nutrition

For over 25 years I have been viewing our health, wellbeing, and also our dis-ease processes, as our inner compass’s guidance system. My understanding is that we create signs and symptoms when our mind and body are out of balance, and with on-going care and awareness, and respect and love throughout our lifetime, we can continually strive for authenticity, equilibrium and flow.

When we begin to suffer from anxiety, our bodymind is telling us that something is wrong in our lives and needs addressing. When we are feeling sad, we need to feel that grief or loss, be with it, and move through it, letting it guide us towards healing. The same is true when we feel intolerant, impatient or angry. There are reasons why we feel these ways, and we need to respect our feelings and listen to them.

Symptoms such as skin issues, IBS and pain are often physical manifestations of the imbalance that already resides in our ‘self’, our emotions and our lives.

When we push our mind and our body beyond its limitations, we experience signs of stress because our entire system is designed that way – so it can cope – but it can only do so short term. We will find ourselves charged with adrenaline to keep us going through that period of time. But when stress continues, it is to the detriment of our immunity, our health and our peace of mind – and we will soon feel its consequences. We will become out of balance, as our system compensates, and those symptoms will cause acute and worse still, chronic disease.

Many turn to their doctors for relief of their symptoms. Antidepressants to numb our emotions, so they no longer guide us; antibiotics to deal with the infections caused by low immunity, which then reduce our immunity even further and leave us open to more infections; steroid creams to ease inflammation on our skin; pain relief to trick our bodies into not experiencing pain, so we continue to push ourselves when instead we should be listening to our bodies, and resting. We also learn to self medicate with behaviours that soon become addictions.

Within my practice I look to support you by listening to your symptoms and encouraging you to do the same. There is a reverse education in this style of practice, as it contradicts and counteracts the modern day bombardment of advertising that encourages, for example, our addiction to sugar, which is one of the ways that we undermine our health on all levels, every day.

I work with you to stimulate ‘your system’ back into balance and health. I do this by getting to know you, and as a result, prescribing homeopathic remedies that are individually matched to you and your unique way of expressing your ‘dis-ease’, your imbalance.

Suppressing our symptoms, forces our bodymind to create more serious illness, as the disturbance goes deeper and grows increasingly complex, and we then struggle more and more to recover.

Homeopathy, nutrition, holistic education and functional medicine, stress management and self awareness, allow us all to view our health – and heal ourselves – in a natural, complete way. This clears the path forward for a more vital immune system that can support us to stay in balance (preventing disease) or help us back into balance (natural, holistic recovery from disease).

We do live in an era of suppression through medicinal and recreational drugs, and alcohol and sugar but we also live with a growing understanding of epigenetics. How we live our lives is crucial in terms of our health. By looking after ourselves and listening to our body’s symptoms and healing ourselves with natural medicine – while addressing the vitamin and mineral deficiencies our lifestyle can create – we can avoid illnesses which we thought in the past we might be destined to create. (Epigenetics vs genetics.)

We have the power, we just need to open our eyes. Let me show you the way…

Working with me to support and nourish your health is a process. You might come and see me when you are going through an especially challenging time for your health, and you are welcome to do that. But I encourage you to see our visits as a way of life. I encourage you to see our relationship as one of your vital support mechanisms to help you through your healthy journey through life.

Relationship Counselling

We start learning about how to be in relationship with others when we are very small. We are born with a social brain, only a third developed, and as we grow we learn how to adapt to others by being on the receiving end of our carers, and observing how they respond to our needs.

And so it goes, throughout our lives – we observe, we react, we learn, we adapt, we suppress, we rebel, we need, we fear, we reject, we act out, we rage, we reproach, we shame, we blame. And within our adult relationships, we create the perfect forum for all of these behaviours to express themselves – and so much more, including of course LOVE.

To make things even more complicated, we now live in an era when the high price we pay for our persistent connecting though social media, is our loss of real connection from ourselves, our authenticity and our loving relationships with others.

I cherish my work in the area of relating and relationships. Providing a warm, safe, supportive, fair and non-judgemental space, I encourage you to deeply connect with yourself, your partner and the relationship that connects you to each other.

Our work together is all about you and your journey in becoming more self-aware, so you can appreciate the part you play within your relationships.

It is an honest, holistic, healing process, and a profoundly self-nurturing one too. And your commitment to this journey will do you the world of good! How can it not?

Couples counselling is a delicate process, which involves the holding of vulnerability, the keeping of confidentiality and the building of trust. I would be honoured to provide that service for you.

Some couples come to counselling to work through a crisis, others, with deeper issues. And some are searching for a safe place to work through a conscious uncoupling.

Let me support you on whatever journey you are on, and wherever it may lead.

I am right here. Just call me and let’s see how I can help.

My work combines my experience and training in Transactional Analysis, NLP, CBT, Gestalt, Systemic Family Therapy, Life Coaching and Relationship Counselling.

Treating Your Family

Homeopathy and Functional Medicine, CEASE Therapy, Counselling and Transformational Coaching

We do not have a dress rehearsal for our role as parent. In fact, we are totally thrown in at the deep end to our most important role. We wake to a world we can hardly imagine, and each day can be a wonderful learning or a huge challenge – depending on how much sleep we have had the night before! I support parents hoping to conceive but finding conception difficult, women during their pregnancies and births, and the entire journey as parent after that!

At least half my clinic time involves supporting families. From natural health care for little ones as well as positive parenting, to all that comes when our children enter the Teen Age – I am right here for you.

Not only am I a parent myself, but I also have had many years experience supporting entire families with all their members, across the generations, and with anything that might come up for them on any level. Think of me as the person you can turn to for everything large or small.

It might be that you are looking for natural medicine to support the immunity of your growing family. I have experience of most emotional and physical issues that arise with children. It might be that you are struggling at times with the great responsibility it is of being a parent. I am right at hand for that. It might be that your family dynamics require a little makeover and you need someone to hold the space and guide you through it, so that you can live more in harmony with each other. Family life is not easy sometimes, and I enjoy supporting parents and children to resolve, and more importantly, prevent, conflicts.

I work with families through every imaginable life and health scenario, and I am interested and committed to supporting you and yours, in all ways.

It might be you are caring for your own parents as they get older and you are noticing signs of their cognitive decline. If you are going through this period of your life, you will know they are frustrating and devastating times and there is little support out there, as you watch your loved ones change before your eyes. This is also an area with which I am supporting families.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than working with each member of a family and the family as a whole, gaining your trust and confidence, over many years and through all seasons.

My work combines my experience and training in homeopathy, functional medicine, CEASE therapy, nutrition, and individual, relationship and family counselling.


“I have been to see Rowena with my husband and she has helped give us both strength, support and clarity during some very difficult times.” SS

"I was recommended to Rowena by a friend, and instantly knew that we were on the same wavelength. She was easy to open up to, and although it was a friendly environment, she had a great way of challenging me to not only see the different views of others but also taught me how to better challenge myself. We covered a range of subjects across my work and personal life, ranging from broad to very specific issues, and always with a clear action plan for how to move forward. I can honestly say that I approach life differently as a result, have a better arsenal of tools to help me cope with what life throws at me and, years later, friends still tell me they can see the difference!" CG (female age 35)

"I have been under Rowena's expert care (a phrase I don't use lightly!) for the past seven months and she has been single handedly responsible for my well being. She has sorted out my menopause, and both my body and mind, through many difficulties including on going extreme weight loss and exercise together with various meal plans and other supplements I have been taking. For anyone who understands the changes we all go through as human beings, you will appreciate that every change we make affects us in some way and the thorough work and dutiful consideration lavished on us by homeopathy in all its glory is extensive and ongoing but Rowena manages to skilfully put me at ease each and every time I see her and that, in itself, is worth its weight in Gold." Laura Taylor-Vann

"I can't recommend Rowena enough. She has helped me immeasurably since the birth of my first son in so many ways. She has assisted with baby complexities; reflux, colic and teething through to 5 year old illnesses including some very tough ones; chicken pox and whooping cough. Rowena is incredibly supportive and accessible in giving advice 24/7 which is so valuable when you have small children. As well as helping with the children Rowena was instrumental in helping me conceive my second child. I had trouble conceiving due to a traumatic experience during my first birth but Rowena supported me both by talking it through and prescribing a specific remedy. The very next month I conceived my second child!" LM (34 year old female)

"I have been bringing my children to Rowena for 10 years. They have grown up with excellent health and are so comfortable to share all their worries with her. She helps them enormously in all aspects of their emotional and physical well being." LL (47 year old female)

About Me

I started my journey as a ‘therapist’ more than thirty years ago when I attended a year long evening class in counselling. I had felt the calling to help others early in life. I had just turned twenty and was the youngest by far. In fact I was almost discouraged to join, as the facilitator believed that it is best to have some life experience when practising in a caring profession. And of course he was totally right! Since then I have been on quite a journey (to say the least!) both personally and professionally and I have learned a great deal on my travels. My focus has always been on developing and healing myself, and helping others to do the same.

Rowena Ronson evolve2solveI have a very curious mind, which certainly helps working in the way I do. I am forever on a quest to learn and I have trained as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, counsellor, lecturer, homeopath, life coach, relationship counsellor, doula, Reiki healer, nutrition adviser and CEASE (Complete Elimination of the Autistic Spectrum Expression) therapist. I have also studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transactional Analysis (TA), Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and I am a graduate of Dynamis, world leader Jeremy Sherr’s advanced homeopathy training as well.

My Specialist areas…

  • Women’s health and emotional wellbeing (for all ages, and for each cycle of life)
  • Children’s immunity and health – sleep, behaviour, emotions, health
  • Vaccination damage/autism spectrum/ADHD (CEASE therapy)
  • Teenage health and issues, relationships within and outside of the family
  • Eating disorders, OCD, self esteem
  • Couples and Family counselling (for whatever reason)
  • Weight loss and optimum nutrition
  • Times of change – physically and emotionally
  • Stress management, Dis-ease prevention
  • Supporting patients with chronic illnesses
  • Mental and Emotional Health for teens, young people, and anyone of any age suffering with anxiety,
  • depression, addictions or anything else that limits
  • Breaking patterns of behaviour that no longer serve
  • Finding Your Inner Voice and Speaking Your Truth
  • Processing through journal writing
  • Dementia and cognitive decline – supporting you with a parent or partner with dementia
  • From menstruation to menopause
  • Fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting
  • The developing brain
  • Modern day dating and the social media age (disconnecting through connecting)
  • Being Present
  • Your Authentic Self

Service Categories
Counselling, Holistic Doctor, Homeopaths, Life Coaching, Mens Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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