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Edinburgh Hypnosis

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Quality, Professional Service

Contact NameStuart Douglas
Address25 Palmerston Place

Edinburgh EH12 5AP
Phone07922 688 029
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Edinburgh Hypnosis offers you successful hypnotherapy sessions. Whether you're wanting to quit smoking, trying to lose weight, or working through emotional barriers. We want to assist you every step of the way.

Edinburgh Hypnosis prides itself on its successful results and a professional hypnotherapy service. We specialise in assisting people wanting to quit smoking, lose weight, conquer phobias, reduce exam nerves, improve sports performance and corporate workshops, all with the power of hypnotherapy. Make that positive change.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. It is a gentle and progressive relaxation into the subconscious mind. You will always be in control and you cannot be hypnotised against your will. It is not a trance like state, but resembles a peaceful sleep.

A good way to describe the process of hypnosis is using the idea of an iceberg. The vast majority of an iceberg is held under water, with only a small percentage exposed above sea level. We can use this as an analogy for hypnosis, with the small part being the conscious mind and the unconscious mind being the larger. What we try to do with hypnosis is to cause the iceberg to topple over, so that the submerged part is exposed. If the iceberg only topples over slightly, the result will be light hypnosis. Topple it by 75% and the result will be medium to deep hypnosis. However, a complete flip of the iceberg will result in very deep hypnosis. When this occurs, the conscious mind is largely sidelined leaving greater access to the unconscious.

Hypnotherapy taps into the unconscious mind, as the unconscious mind is more receptive to change. It is also the unconscious mind that holds memories, fears and behavioural patterns that are holding you back.

There are two techniques that are used within hypnotherapy. Suggestion therapy and hypnoanalysis. Suggestion therapy involves inviting your unconscious mind to accept positive suggestions. Hypnoanalysis involves unravelling memories or fears that are preventing you from moving forward.

Exam Nerves

How would you like to enter an exam hall thinking you had passed even before you had turned the paper over? Or be able to study better because you were relaxed and composed reading the material? Be able to absorb information much easier? Sound good? Then let Edinburgh Hypnosis assist you.

Corporate Programme

When employees are stressed out, productivity and morale suffers. Some might find it difficult to make a decision. Others might put their heads in the sand and fail to raise an issue with their boss. Some might fail to react to a customer problem in a timely manner, whilst others might fly off the handle at a colleague. Things slip, tension rises and tempers flare.

Across Britain, short and long term absences due to stress-related problems are on the rise and companies are increasingly finding themselves struggling to recruit and retain good people.

Here at Edinburgh Hypnosis we understand the pressures companies face and employees shoulder. Stuart has worked in financial services for ten years and specialises in designing hypnotherapy based stress reduction and well-being programmes for small, medium and large companies.

Sports Performance

Stuart is a keen and competitive sportsman himself and is aware that the mental attitude with which you approach your sport is critical nowadays to improve your standard of play. Hypnotherapy can allow you to mentally prepare for a shot, match or an opponent, so that when the time comes to perform, you do so with a confident and composed mindset.

Imagine managing to control your emotions while playing, feeling great with every move, no longer beating yourself up for bad shots and most importantly, being able to perform at the level you desire. You can control your anger and increase your concentration with hypnotherapy.


Edinburgh Hypnosis was set up by Stuart Douglas after training with the acclaimed Scottish School of Hypnotherapy. He is a member of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists.

Stuart trained as an accountant, but his real passion is helping people. Helping people to achieve their goals. Helping people to feel better about themselves and their future, today.

So, if you're ready to make a change or confront an issue, Stuart is ready to help. A tailored hypnotherapy programme will be designed just for you and flexible appointments at his Edinburgh clinic (25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5AP) are available.

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