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DrJakub S Malinowski Knowler

Dr Jakub Malinowski Knowler
A79 Nursery Road
High Brooms
Kent TN4 9BY
P 01892 546 664
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Conventional & Complementary Medicine Treatments... For you!


to be seen by

Doctor of Medicine & Master of Science in Biology Specialist in Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Jakub S.Malinowski Knowler MD MSc CThAMCP, CNHC Registered

At private Practice in Royal Tunbrige Wells, Kent,
or also in your own home in South East England area

What is the complementary medicine?

What does it have in common with the conventional medicine?

Why is complementary medicine getting more and more attention across the world today?

Why is it widely adopted by medicine & pharmacology in a variety of health disorder treatments and maintenance of our well-being?

To find answers to these questions please explore the links below:

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- Do We Control Life Of Our Body?

- MASSAGE, A Secret Kingdom Of Treatment

- Are we born to a healthy life?

Please check out my article 'Everyone is born to a healthy life'.

Should you wish to know more details, just contact me!

You Are Very Welcome to my Practice,

which door remains widely open for you! No matter for me, whether you come because of a health problem or just right for to restore your good holistic: Body, Mind & Spirit condition! Do not be afraid and come to me with your natural self confidence!

You are equally extremely important to me within your occurrence!

Also, something absolutely unique for you:

During every session I provide a fantastic music for you in the background and a slides show of collection of artistic photograph of flowers, which took part in many public exhibitions on the screen display.

To encourage you for taking advantage of it let me cite an anecdote about how one of my patient commented it: After all rush an a hurry to manage for the appointment’s time a man who is an engineer by profession and definitely the reason for coming wasn’t to enjoy the music an pictures of flowers. In the end of a session he said:” Jakub, this addition to your treatment should be charged a special money by you, because if not this I wouldn’t be as satisfied as you’ve make me to be!”

My Service For You:

Your health problems history & today disorders, General body examination, incl. blood pressure, listening to your heart and lungs, checking body temperature; body tension test and any other possible regarding your individual request, ECG reading, the Heart function assessment, Arrangement for ECG test;

The only precedent at my clinic: The Body Balance Normalized Units Test – BBNUT (shortly called Jakub’s Test), to be performed as for assessment of your body equilibrium before the treatment, and after the session – to deliver a medical evidence how far the therapy is working on you.

For details look at next chapter, or contact me.
  • Review your already existed medication, you may be on Assessment of situation of your health disorder
  • Treatment plan & suggestions
  • Help with contacting your Doctor with your permission
  • Providing medical report of your health condition


Focusing mainly on external body approach by:

Various types of massages –
  • Body holistic massage, including head & face

    With client’s own cosmetics
    Also for a pleasure and well being

  • Clinical massage of soft and deep tissue massage relevant to your particular requirements

    Mobilization of immobilized part of body
    Post injury & after a surgical treatment relief & recovering massage
    For the confined to bed complication-preventive massage
    Massage for neurological problems, when places of connection of neurons (nerves) with the muscles, bones and some glands of internal activity are disturbed and require regulations.
    De-stressing massage
    For calming e.g. before night
    For invigoration, e.g. during a lunch break time
    Pain soothing and relief massage for chronic sufferers
    Body strength stimulation, e.g. a sport massage for a sport achievement / after sport
    Lymphatic drainage massage

  • Aromatherapy massage applying various essential oils following none allergy condition
    and also:

    Aromatherapy inhalation
    Herbal remedies applied as drink, for to make compress or for bathing in
    Body posture correction exercises
    Infrared lamp irradiation

What sort of health problem you can come with?
  • A stress - and stress related problems: First, let me offer you a splendid body relaxation as stress is your biggest enemy!
  • General body – muscle and joints tension
  • Tiredness & cramps; heavy head and lack of strengths
  • Rheumatism & all kinds of arthritis’ complications
  • Body posture abnormalities
  • Mobilization of not active part of your body
  • Pains:
      in back, in shoulders in hands, wrist, palm, fingers
      in neck , spine, torso, belly, in hip(s)
      in the chest
      premenstrual symptoms, pregnancy related body disorders
      in leg(s), knee, hill bone, Achilles tendon, in ankle(s)
      any one in a particular joint

  • Any form of swellings (edema)
  • In an inflamed tissue
  • Re-occurring or chronic form of infection of any part of body
  • Dis-function of the respiratory system
  • Skin abnormalities
  • Enlarged sensitive, or painful, uncertain state of the lymphatic nodes
  • Any kind sprain and strain
  • Whiplash
  • Indigestion, stomach and intestine disfunction, metabolism problems
  • Disorders in the heart and blood circulation,
  • Losing conscious, and faints
  • Problems with libido
  • Excess of water in your body
  • Body weight problem
  • Tendency to lost of body warmth
  • In Sport and tourism body overloads and injuries
  • Post surgical trauma and recuperation
  • Migraine and head pain
  • Difficulty in curing skin cuts and wounds
  • Being uncertain with your diet
  • Aging process problems and delaying dementia process
  • Some body cosmetic abnormalities
  • Not satisfied with well being
  • Orthopedics’ abnormalities and changes
  • Confined to bed for very long time
  • Immune deficiency problems

What’s working time of the practice?

The Practice is open every week-day from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm

On Tuesday and Thursday:

A late appointments are available: last booking time no later then 9.30 mp, and the last session should be completed by 11.00 pm

Saturdays: appointments for continuing series of treatments.

The joined treatments of Conventional & Complementary Medicine in my Practice

As I have already said above, being a medicine doctor and master of science in biology and also specialist in the alternative & complementary medicine, I take a very unique and rare in the health service advantage of them combining my knowledge and the experience for creating an adequate approach to your body and organism specific condition. This way I meet your body health condition.

It means that:

You are provided with especially for you chosen therapy, after we recognize
what exactly will suit you the best!

A little about me:

I studied medicine graduating in 1983. I then obtained my MD,PhD in clinical immunology (1984). Before medicine I have competed master degree in biology,MSc. Between 1988 and 2006 I worked in Cardio-vascular clinic, as a transplant coordinator, taking part in heart and heart valve replacement surgery.

Over the years I became more and more interested in alternative therapies and complimentary medicine. Subsequently I decided to qualify in this field.

I have now been practicing successfully since 2007.

Doctor of Medicine, Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University in Krakow, PL Master of Science in biology of Jagiellonian University Krakow PL ITEC -qualified Complementary therapy in massage School of Body Therapy London, UK Lymphatic drainage massage practitioner by Federation of Holistic Therapists at School of Body Therapy, London, UK

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