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Chic Holistics and Beauty is a growing home based salon in Nuneaton that is for LADIES ONLY. My name is Philomena Baines (aka Nina). I am a fully qualified and insured member of the Guild of Holistic and Beauty Therapists. My background is working in an office and teaching office skills for many years. I had a shoulder operation some time ago and decided that I could not sit at a computer until I retired and so I set upon a new journey into Holistic and Beauty therapy. I thoroughly enjoy my work and have a good working relationship with my clients. Please see testimonials below.

The skin care range that I use is Natural Elements Organic Skincare... by Essentially Yours. These products do not contain any harsh chemicals like Parabens or Petro-Chemicals that will harm your skin. They are manufactured in the UK and there is a range to suit every skin type – including babies, people with eczema or psoriasis and a Free From range for the person who is multi-chemical sensitive.

I trust you find what you are looking for on this web page and look forward to meeting you at Chic very soon. If you would like any further information please email or telephone me. Thank you for visiting my page on Natural Therapy Pages.

Contact NamePhilomena Baines
Address Whitestone Road
Nuneaton CV11 4SY
Phone02476 374 297
Mobile07986 156 516
Email Make an Enquiry

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Contact me on 02746 374 297
mobile: 07986156516
email: [email protected]

(please leave a message if I am busy and I will call you back as soon as possible)

Please allow an additional 20 minutes for your complimentary consultation on your initial visit.

Do you suffer from any of the following?
    • Stress
    • Tension
    • Feeling sluggish
    • Muscle aches and pains
    • Stiff joints
    • Headaches
    • Migraines
    • Tired/dull looking skin
    • Sinus/congestion problems
    • Excessive ear wax
    • Do you suffer from cellulite problems?

The following Holistic treatments may help

Intensive Anti cellulite and detox body wrap therapy £50 (1hr 30mins)

There are three treatments to this therapy. Firstly Dry Body Brushing which will aid desquamation (shedding of the superficial dead skin). The body is brushed in light strokes which will prepare the skin for the absorption of the Natural Seaweed Body Gel. The Gel is then applied to the body in the areas agreed at the time of your appointment. The gel tightens the skin by creating hypothermia (the blood rushes to the surface of the skin) which bursts the cellulite bubbles out through the lymphatic system and together with the toxins are drained away though the body’s natural healing process. The body is then wrapped in a foil blanket for 30 minutes. The final process is the application by massage of the Seaweed Body Lotion which will leave your skin feeling silky soft and you will be feeling relaxed. Your body will go through its own natural healing process to clear the toxins. It is advisable to have one treatment per week over 4-6 weeks. The 4th and 6th treatment are £20.00. Please note these are consecutive weekly treatment as discussed at the time of your first appointment.

The finest Essential Oils and plant extracts are used in these products by Essentially Yours. They are manufactured in the UK and are free from: Petro-chemicals; Synthetic Perfumes and Paraben preservatives. Not tested on animals or animal derivatives are used.

All Aftercare advice should be followed. Relax and enjoy

Full Body Massage £25 (1 hour)
There are numerous possible benefits of this massage, both physical and emotional, including: Increasing circulation of the blood and lymph flow which aids the removal of toxins. It encourages fresh blood supply to the area thus bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells which in turn relaxes the tissue. This massage can also induce relaxation, encourage sleep, relieve
tension and improve digestion.

Stress Buster – includes back, neck and shoulders £20 (45 mins)
A concentrated massage in one of the most affected areas of muscle tension. Tension in this area restricts the blood supply to the brain which affects the clarity of our thinking. The possible benefits of this massage are as the Full Swedish Body Massage above.
    STRESS: Chronic stress is harmful to the body particularly when it becomes distress. The immune system does not work as efficiently so the body becomes susceptible to infections and strain is put on the internal organs. This is when burnout and exhaustion can occur and may result in other forms of dis-ease. One way to manage stress is to ensure we look after ourselves. Having a regular Holistic treatment can help.

Indian Head Massage – £25 (1 hour)
For this treatment the client is seated and the massage is performed over the upper back, head, down over the face and décolletage, back over the head, down the arms and finish on the upper back. This treatment can be performed over clothes if you prefer. The possible benefits of this treatment are to relieve stress, tension, fatigue, headaches and help distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout the body thereby eliminating toxins and waste. It may help relieve depression and anxiety. It clears the head and the mind it is also beneficial for nasal congestion and sinusitis. Some clients have stated they feel energised and others have been deeply relaxed and just want to “chill”. This is my favourite treatment as I feel everything just flows from the head through the body. It is a balancing and revitalising treatment.

Stone Therapy and Full Body Massage £35 (1hr 30 mins)
Ancient Stone therapy has been used for many years by different cultures used stones from the river beds and heated them in the fire to be used in massage. This massage is carried out using either hot or hot and cold stones combined with my massage techniques for an intense, deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment. The hot stones expand the blood vessels which helps the blood circulation. Hot and cold is known to relax stiff or tight muscles. The hot and/or cold stones can also be placed on the energy centres (Chakras) which can help to balance the mind and body.
A deeply relaxing treatment –especially in the winter months!

STRESS BUSTER Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage with Stones £25 (45 mins)

Holistic Facial (Anti-Ageing) £25 (1 hour)
This treatment consists of a deep cleanse, exfoliate, tone and face mask to suit your skin type. An eye treatment is applied either for tired or puffy eyes or one to simply nourish the most sensitive area on the face. This is followed by a replenishing neck serum that is full of minerals that help to fight the free radicals that affect our skin. The final part of this treatment is the application of the “10 Years Younger Kit” – a luxury facial oil for fine lines and tired skin is applied by a relaxing and therapeutic massage to the face, neck, scalp and décolletage followed by a Rejuvenating Day Serum which feeds the skin with intensive vitamins. A Replenshing Neck Serum is also applied together with an appropriate eye treatment. This treatment is very relaxing and leaves the skin feeling fresh, alive and glowing it is also excellent value for money.

ALL products are FREE from Parabens, Petro-Chemicals and Synthetic Perfumes.


Please see Skincare below for further information.

THERMO-AURICULAR THERAPY (Ear Candling) £20 (45 mins)
This treatment includes inserting a lit candle into the ear- usually on the “good ear” first. It burns for approximately 10 minutes (depending upon each person). Both ears are always treated to create a balanced feeling. Following the candling a drainage massage Is given to the face and scalp to aid the removal of congestion and toxins. Regular treatments can be of benefit to the following conditions:

sinus problems, headaches, congestion; excessive ear wax; the onset of a cold, allergy symptoms such as hay fever. It is also beneficial for those people who regularly swim or scuba dive and may get discomfort from change of elevation. Discomfort from flying.

Please Note: Ear Candles CANNOT to be used if you have hearing aids, a perforated ear drum; Inflammation or a recent infection. There are other contra-indications that will be discussed when calling.

REIKI – £25 (1 hour)
Reiki is a natural form of healing and balancing of the body, mind and spirit).
This is a non invasive, gentle, treatment as we use our own natural ability to heal.
Reiki can revitalise, relieve stress, pain and the worries of the day. Simply relax and enjoy. This treatment is performed fully clothed,
either lying down or seated.

Please note that it is important that you inform me when booking an appointment if you are suffering from a serious illness that may affect your treatment.


I can be contacted on 02746 374 297 mobile: 07986156516 email: [email protected]
(please leave a message if I am busy and I will call you back as soon as possible)

Gift Vouchers and Skincare gift sets available
(Gift vouchers and Gift Sets can be presented in an attractive grass seed box at an additional £3.00)

Experience beauty from within

OUR SKINCARE PRODUCTS - Natural Elements Organic Skincare... by Essentially Yours

Why taking care of your skin is so important

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It doesn’t like harsh chemicals because they age it prematurely. In fact, most of the chemicals in skincare these days are associated with cancer, allergies and eczema. We are constantly exposed to chemicals in our daily life. The anti-ageing process begins by conserving the skin’s own natural oils and stimulating the cells. Alcohol, mineral oils and petro-chemical based ingredients simply strip the skin of these natural oils. We need to keep the lower dermis enriched with natural oils and the top surface fully moisturised with proteins, vitamins and ingredients to protect the skin and diminish fine lines.

Essentially Kinder to the Planet

Essentially Yours are BUAV approved; they do not test on animals or use ingredients tested on animal. They also do not use ingredients from endangered sources such as bees or Indonesian palm tree oils.

All ingredients are registered with the Vegan Society and approves by the Vegetarian Society.

The products are manufactured in the UK using 100% plant extracts, vitamin rich vital oils and pure, unadulterated essential oils so that the products have more antioxidants than any other brand.

Other Treatments available:

Facial Treatments – using skincare appropriate to your skin type

Mini facial £10 (30 mins)
(Cleanse, tone, moisturise and mini massage)

Basic facial £15 (45 mins)
(Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturise, and massage)

Eyebrow shape (tweezers) £8

Eyebrow tidy £5.50

Eyebrow tint and shape £10

Lash /brow tinting £14

*Please NOTE that very short eyelashes do not always tint*
**A patch test is required at least 48 hours before treatment on ALL tints.**

Hands and Feet Using the Natural Elements Organic Skincare... range

ALL Skincare products are Free From:
Petro Chemicals
Synthetic Perfumes
Sodium Laurel Sulphate

File & polish £9.50
Nails filed, nail strengthener and selected polish applied.

Manicure £15
Cuticle work, nails filed, nail strengthener and selected polish applied.

Luxury Manicure £25
Scrub applied to hands and lower arms to remove dead skin cells. Cuticle work, nails filed, mask applied to hands, hand and arm massage, nail strengthener and selected polish applied.

Pedicure £20
Foot spa, cuticle work, nails filed and selected polish applied.

Luxury Pedicure £25
Foot spa, scrub applied to feet and lower legs to remove dead skin, cuticle work, nails filed, mask applied to feet, foot and leg massage, selected polish applied.

French Manicure
Please add an additional £7.50 to the above treatments

Nail Art
Please add an additional £4


“A very professional and friendly service... I have a regular Indian Head massage which is truly relaxing and leaves me feeling calm and peaceful. Nina always makes me feel welcome and I would thoroughly recommend her...”

“My impression on my first visit was how very welcoming you were.... I was impressed with the quality of the massage, the pressure applied was just right and not rushed. I enjoy the sessions so much I am disappointed when it is over. I have the feeling of ‘well being’ and ‘joy to be alive’ and this continues throughout the following days...” Lilian

“...i slept well thank you, your wonderful hands always do the trick...” Wendy

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Beauty Therapy, Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Stone Therapy Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage

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