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Calm Kids, Calm Minds

Denise Davis
Dorset BH23 4 PW
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A positive mind creates a positive life!

Welcome to Calm Kids, Calm Minds

My name is Denise Davis and I provide various complementary therapies to help regain control over your life, optimize your potential and achieve your goals.

  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Eradicate Fears and Phobias
  • Release Negative Emotions
  • Remove Limiting Decisions
  • Insomnia
  • Relaxation
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Greater Self Esteem
  • Good Health
  • Overcome Bad Habits
  • Stop Smoking
  • Weight Control

Calm Kids


Initially you and your child will come for a free face to face consultation to enable you to have an understanding of the process and for your child to feel comfortable in the surroundings. We can then move forward together with confidence towards your child feeling calm and in control of their emotions. The first coaching therapy session will be a discovery of your child’s perspective of their problem using a gentle approach so that they are happy at disclosing their concerns. There are various ways I can encourage them to express their feelings should they find this difficult – they can use a surrogate bear, make a ‘mood map’ or draw a picture etc. Techniques will be chosen that are appropriate to your child so they can make the changes to their ‘thoughts & behaviours’ resulting in them feeling calm and in control.

Interacting and listening to your child and allowing them to express themselves when they feel safe to do so is a very important part of the therapy. Your child will need to have freedom of speech without being concerned about your feelings, and for this reason you will be asked to remain in the adjoining room.


As with the one-to-one coaching therapies session I offer a free 20 minute consultation with you and your child to discuss which healing techniques your child feels they would like to experience. I will introduce them to the room so your child can familiarise themselves with the healing environment. I’ll then explain that when your child comes for a healing session, after a brief chat, the child lays down fully clothed on the healing coach and closes their eyes to relax. The healing session is of one hour duration and as with the coaching session I ask that the parent/carer stay in adjoining room until the session is finished. After a healing session I offer your child a drink of water as this helps clear toxins from their body and grounds them. It is important your child drinks plenty of water in the days after the healing to eliminate toxins from their body and further facilitate the body’s own self healing abilities.


A Playshop is where groups of children develop and discover their own abilities within a group setting. The Playshops are on a pic n mix basis where your child is free to choose the Playshop they wish to attend for that month from any of the choices below. The exception is the Spiritual Development group where regular attendance is encouraged as far as possible for their personal advancement. Your child can attend any of the other Playshops as a one off experience or as part of a continuing ongoing learning. All sessions are aimed for children aged 6-13 (14+ can attend adult sessions) in groups of ten.

How will a Playshop benefit my child?

They can learn relaxation techniques in the Relaxation Healing sessions, learn some Coaching Therapies and Intuition techniques in the Self Development sessions, learn to protect themselves and enhance their intuitive abilities in the Spiritual Development sessions and learn to heal using Universal Energy in Reiki 4 Kids training.

Relaxation Healing Playshops

If your child wants to feel calm in a simple and easy way then let them come and listen to a Guided Journey or a Sound Journey, both of which will transport your child into a relaxed state of being where they can forget any worries or concerns they may have. Your child can come to as many or as few sessions that they want to. Both playshops are for 1½ hours and water is available throught-out the sessions.

Calm Kids Events

Calm Minds


The first session consists of a discussion to find out your perspective of the problem and for you to learn a technique so that you feel empowered to deal with problems that may arise between sessions. Listening and patience are important aspects of therapy so we will work at a pace that suits you as an individual, bearing in mind that the techniques are quick and simple.

Each session is of one hour duration unless requested otherwise and after the initial consultation can be conducted in person or remotely via Skype or telephone. The subsequent sessions will be an eclectic mix of techniques which will be suitable to empower you to make the necessary changes to your ‘thoughts and behaviours’, resulting in a calm mind and body, having regained control of your emotions.


When you arrive we will discuss what you have come to the session for and then I will ask you to lie fully clothed on the healing couch, close your eyes and to just relax. It is important that you a set an intention as to what you want to receive but also be open minded as this helps the healing. I facilitate a healing using Universal energy and transmit this to you through my hands. This energy helps your body to heal and re-balance itself. At the end of the session you are offered a drink of water as this helps to ground you, release any toxins and facilitate further healing plus you can tell me what you experienced.

Calm Minds Events

About Denise

I have four grown up children and have been a primary school teacher for many years. I now work part time to allow me to devote more time to my therapies.

I have a wealth of life experience and qualifications to draw on when aiding clients to overcome their difficulties. All the therapies are excellent at enabling the body and mind to heal itself whether they are physical or emotional issues. I have had personal experience of these therapies before gaining my qualifications and using them within my practice.

All my clients have found the therapies beneficial and were astounded at the speed of their personal transformations. (They wished they had known about the therapies much earlier.)

“Hi Denise, Thank you for a lovely experience last night. I will remember the meditation and feeling of peace I experienced for the rest of my life. So different to anything I have ever experienced before. I will let you know about joining your monthly group sessions. I have put the date in my diary and will let you know nearer the time. Best wishes x” Chris Taylor

“Thank you very much for teaching us EFT you did a wonderful job for us. You are an angel on the earth – God Bless you.” Shah & Zara, St Albans

“Many thanks for last night (gong bath). It reminded me of times that I was in perfect vibration, times that I now know I need to return to. Oh I feel amazing! And am glad that the gong bath gave me great clearing, it needed to come out. I have a client Sunday nights but would love to come when I can. Many thanks again xx” Christopher M

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