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B D Healing

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Whether you arrived here by accident or design we are very pleased to meet you.

Contact NameDeborah Ackroyd
AddressFernhill Heath
Worcester WR3 7TQ
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Welcome to B. D. Healing

Whether you arrived here by accident or design we are very pleased to meet you. We are healers and on the following pages you will find more information about who we are and what we do.

Please feel free to come inside and browse around at your leisure. Together we have nearly sixty years experience as spiritual healers, helping others regain balance in body, mind and spirit. We work with a fusion of the ancient and the new, in a safe informal setting that allows you to heal in your own unique way. Whether you have problems with your health, relationships, prosperity, spiritual path or personal issues we can help you.

Our Services
  • Energy Healing
  • Subtle Energy therapies
  • Meridian therapies
  • ZPoint Process
  • Distant and Proxy Healing
  • Healing with colour
  • Healing with sound
  • Vibrational remedies
  • Muscle checking
  • Astrology
  • Counselling
  • Healing Group
About Us

It is not necessary for you to understand how the methods we use work in order for you to benefit from them. The following information is offered simply to give you some idea of the frame of reference within which we are working. It is the ‘map’ which makes sense to us. In terms of our ability to help you it matters not one jot what you believe in or whether your ‘map’ is the same as ours.

We recognise that other healers work within different frameworks and also achieve excellent results for their clients; we find no conflict in this. However, one of the advantages that you can gain from working with us is that you can learn how to do a number of the techniques we use yourself and so be able to use them as a personal healing resource for the rest of your life!

Spiritual healing is a universal phenomenon that has been recognised throughout all cultures since the dawn of humanity. The methods and tools a healer uses are simply a means to focus their healing powers to optimal effect. For example, the map used by a Native American Shaman is different from the map used by a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, but the outcome may be exactly the same, in terms of what they are aiming to achieve, for their client’s healing.

Our experience of training in different techniques, as well receiving great personal benefit from healers trained in diverse traditions, has shown us that it doesn’t really matter what the map is; how effective any method is depends entirely on how good a healer the practitioner is.

So the following information is purely an offering that may help you determine whether you feel we might be the right healers for you; none of it is any statement of absolute truth, it is simply the way that we have evolved to focus our own healing abilities to optimal effect. Even though we have been devoted to this path for many years we both continue to learn and grow and we are constantly looking for new ways to make ourselves better healers.

Service Categories
Colour Therapy, Counselling, Crystal Therapy, EFT, Energy Healing, Mens Health, Spiritual Healing, Womens Health

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