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Richard W Cook BSc MCH RSHom

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Homeopathy, Mens Health, Natural Fertility Management, Womens Health

Contact NameRichard Cook
Address24 West Street
(also at Southsea & Petersfield)
Chichester PO19 1QP
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Welcome to Richard W Cook BSc MCH RSHom

Why Homeopathy?

For newcomers there are a plethora of choices with the range of natural therapies now available. Homeopathy, which has not needed to bow to the whims of fad and fashion since it’s formulation 200 years ago, is distinct in that it has the potential to employ any and all natural substances as powerfully medicinal remedies. These include plants, animals, minerals, fungi and energies without form; e.g. solar radiation and wavelengths from the electromagnetic spectrum.

Each remedy represents a non-human archetype which can be recognised as a strategy for coping in people that has been inherited or acquired and is no longer of service. For example, the remedy pattern exhibited by the plant Belladonna, will be seen in a patient through their expression of symptoms, temperament and ways of responding. Themes that apply to Belladonna are those of throbbing redness, heat, fright, delerium, violence and the need to escape. That plant substance will then need to be prescribed as an energised, highly diluted, and consequently safe medicinal preparation.

If the chosen remedy is homeopathic to the patient, it will correspond to their expression of symptoms and behaviour, and therefore release the way that person is limiting their ability to recover. This healing brings much more than an absence of symptoms. It reminds us on an energetic level of our dependence on outmoded strategies and when well selected remedies are used it corrects this ingrained susceptibility permanently.

What can Homeopathy treat?

Remember that each treatment is individualised, patient-centred and therefore each asthma, migraine, arthritis, cancer or bereaved patient will receive an individualised prescription. Homeopathy is a complete medicinal system; so to answer simply, almost every conceivable condition and patient has the potential to respond to this therapy. For questions on a particular problem, email me and I will reply with details of my experience and successes with cases that are similar.

About me

I have run a busy Homeopathic practice in Chichester since 1991 and have extended that to include clinics in Bosham, West Sussex and Southsea and Petersfield in Hampshire. I also support patients who visit when they can but live further a-field in Australia, the USA, Switzerland, Latvia and Zambia using telephone, skype and email.

I completed my training at The College of Homeopathy (London) in 1991 but continue to hone my skills under the regular tutelage of internationally renowned homeopaths: Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten
Alize Timmerman, A U Ramakrishnan and others.

In addition to a first degree in Biology at Portsmouth I am a member of The College of Homeopathy (MCH) and am fully insured and registered with the UK’s principal governing body, the Society of Homeopaths which underpins good standards of practice and entitles me to use the term RSHom. I have also contributed to the Society of Homeopaths development of National Occupational Standards for Homeopathy in the UK.

As an undergraduate I researched the practice and efficacy for treating autism. Since then I have received an eclectic mix of patients and conditions requiring treatment. Examples of conditions that are most frequently treated in my practice are: allergies, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, bereavement, depression, eczema, hypertension, IBS, infertility, low self-worth, pre-menstrual syndrome and serious pathologies.

Patients and the public derive so much inspiration learning about Homeopathy so I regularly run tutorial groups focusing on homeopathic principles, philosophy and methodologies whilst also providing practical tips on first-aid applications for the home. Certain individuals require long-term treatment and support over several years but the intention is always to restore the patient gently, efficiently and quickly.

CALL - 08454717732

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Homeopaths, Mens Health, Natural Fertility Management, Womens Health

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