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Anna Parsons Massage Therapies

Anna Parsons
AOak Tree Clinic
1 Sanditon Way
Sussex BN14 9FD

With Hands that Listen, a Mind that Knows, and a Heart that Cares.

  • Covid Infection Prevention and Control certificate held.
  • Now open for bookings after enforced closure during Covid19. In the meantime I have updated my knowledge on keeping patients and myself safe and comfortable to minimise risks.
  • In addition to 15 years clinical experience in helping many people through soft tissue therapy I also have experience of working with elite athletes at the Olympics, World Championships & Commonwealth Games inc Gold Coast 2018
  • Also Available (pre-screening depending): Oncology Massage & Breast Cancer Aftercare. COMING SOON: Scar Tissue Therapy.
  • Whether for clinical, remedial or stress-reducing outcomes or for athletic performance, this is massage therapy for you.

    Welcome to Anna Parsons Massage Therapies at Oak Tree Clinic

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    A well qualified practitioner whose every treatment is one of full focus and intent helping clients from all walks of life attain their goals towards comfort and well-being.

     FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF HOW GOOD A THERAPIST SHE IS -Call 07870 673193 for advice or to book a treatment NOW!


    Fascia is the connective tissue of the body. It envelopes every bone, organ, muscle and each muscle strand. Tightness within the fascia can cause discomfort or pain. Myofascial release focuses on releasing tightness specifically of the muscles. This technique works so well with craniosacral techniques and trigger point therapy, which we use in our sports and remedial work.

    60 mins: £50.00
    90 mins: £70.00


    • ADVANCED CLINICAL MASSAGE– an outcome-based treatment also known as remedial massage, focus may lead to the relief of aches and pains due to a condition or illness. Trigger point therapy, myofascial release and stretching are used alongside the regular techniques to help ease the client out of pain and towards comfort.

    • ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE– Advanced massage methods will be used to assist footballers and other athletes back onto the pitch, track or into the gym. A session may include a treatment and management of injury or improvement in range of motion, vital for any athlete.

    • THERAPEUTIC – Our bodies are designed to cope with short - term stress and sometimes balance is naturally restored to the body. Long-term stress inhibits the balancing process and therapeutic massage may offer a solution to that feeling of "out of balance". Therapeutic massage can leave you feeling as if aches are melting away. This energy balancing treatment may be used in conjunction with cransiosacral techniques and Lymphatic Integrated Massage techniques to assist the immune system.

    • ONCOLOGY MASSAGE– A very gently approach to assist those who may have, or have had, cancer as a health challenge. Whether post surgery, or with ongoing medical intervention, oncology massage can help a client/patient feel more comfortable.

      60 mins: £50.00
      90 mins: £70.00



    For this treatment the best essential oils, organic and wild grown where possible, are blended to suit your conditions and mood. The therapeutic benefits of this personalised aromatherapy massage will be immediate; the after effects can last for days. These effects may be:

    • Feeling uplifted and stimulated,
    • Balancing of the body’s energy levels,
    • Improvement of the skin texture & tone,
    • Improvement of muscle tone & tension,
    • Improves metabolic rate,
    • Aiding the immune system.

      60 mins: £50.00
      90 mins: £70.00



    Lymphatic Pressure Therapy aims to help those who have had Breast Cancer surgery to improve movement and restore balance. Home exercises are also part of the program.  The positive results in using this protocol were recently presented at the UK's First Lymphatic Science Forum at the University of Birmingham.

    1 hour: £50.00
    course of 8 hours: £360.00


    Also known as 'Dry Needling' this form of acupuncture is used within a treatment as a method of easing tension particularly where tissue has become too locked for comfort. Medical acupuncture may be used alongside other techniques to offer a truly bespoke session.
    Prices as shown above.


    Reflexologists believe the soles of our feet represent the entire body. Soft tissues of the feet are manipulated, addressing imbalances and promoting the body's natural ability to heal itself.

    The benefits of reflexology are that:

    • it can be used as a preventative measure in reducing stress:
    • it may improve blood supply and circulation,
    • it could help muscles and nerves to work more comfortably.Advanced techniques using oils, possibly hand reflexology and lifestyle advice may be included in this treatment.

      60 mins: £40.00



    Head, neck and shoulder massage using hot lava stones. Deeply relaxing, purely beneficial:

    90 mins: £70.00


    "As it is 4 years since I had breast cancer and subsequently a double mastectomy I didn't really think that I would see any benefits [in treatment with Anna]. However the increased range of movement through the muscle "reawakening", especially in my shoulders, was considerable. What I had previously thought was the onset of arthritis in my shoulders giving pain and restricting movement improved and subsequently disappeared over the course of the programme. I noticed an improvement in my overall feeling of wellbeing too.

    I wish that I had been offered this at the time of my treatment. After finishing chemo I felt very vulnerable whilst waiting for surgery, to have had a pathway of support which included the lymphatic massage would have been really beneficial.".

    JP, West Sussex

    I first went to see Anna at the end of what was a gruelling treatment for breast cancer - chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy. I was in a lot of pain, had very limited movement in my left arm and emotionally was very fragile .... I just couldn't function how I used to. Four sessions of Breast Cancer Aftercare later and things definitely improved. I had more movement and less pain. We are so lucky to have this therapy in the local area. ...... It makes such a difference to be able to talk about it [treatment & recovery] in such a safe and caring environment. Well done Anna. And thank you for training in this ground-breaking therapy".
    SD, West Sussex.

    "As a back pain sufferer and chiropractor I fully appreciate the need for comprehensive and progressive soft tissue massage. Anna has helped me personally with a variety of related musculoskeletal problems and I have seen and appreciated the experience and diligence she has first hand. I don't hesitate to call her when I need her and I don't hesitate to refer my patients to her. She establishes therapeutic goals and uses her considerable toolkit to work towards them and that's the mark of a professional."

    RW, Sussex.

    "Anna is a therapist with a difference. She combines a very comprehensive range of skills incorporating a grounded and scientific/physical with a wonderful holistic and highly perceptive healing touch."
    CA, Sussex.

    "I was persuaded by a friend to see Anna as I had had a very stiff neck for some time. A few sessions later my neck was free again. I would recommend her to anyone."
    TA, West Sussex

    "Anna’s Massage: fantastic, divine, intuitive, optimal therapeutic value, transformational, whilst held in safe space, could really trust her. Kind, considerate. Go through any “Best Practice Tips” in a massage manual and multiply by 1 million – and you have an outline of Anna’s treatment sessions."
    CP, Teacher & Counselling Psychologist

    "With her positive and professional approach, she relieved me from my pain in my problem areas, namely neck and lower back .... Looking forward to meeting Anna again in one of her next visits to Istanbul."

    "I can't thank you enough for my amazing massage which has made me feel like a new woman!!  After being made redundant from a job that i totally loved and now working a job simply to get out of the house and get some money i have been an emotional wreck. Anna, in 45 minutes you have made me feel 100% better. I thank you and will see you again soon.
    AP, Worthing, July 2020

    "I feel privileged to receive treatments from Anna. Since she is very much in tune with the person on the treatment table, she intuitively knows what work she needs to do. I always feel fantastic after her treatments. I have received hundreds of massages from many different therapists and Anna ranks on the very top. As a therapist myself, and having given thousands of massages, I know that being as good as Anna is, it takes commitment and dedication. And that she is: dedicated and committed."
    IC, Holistic Bodyworker

    "I came in pain, tired and in lots and lots of stress and I am leaving with almost no pain, at ease and feel very well right now. I wish you would still be here for some time so that I repeat the treatment."
    SB, Turkey

    FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF HOW GOOD A THERAPIST SHE IS -Call 07870 673193 for advice or to book a treatment NOW!

    Blend Therapy Training: Advanced Diploma in Oncology Specific Training
    UK Lymphology Clinics: Lymphatic Pressure Therapy: Breast Cancer Aftercare (VTCT Endorsed) Lymphatic Integrated Massage (VTCT Endorsed)

  • Sports Performance Services: Diploma (Level 4) in Sports Massage
  • Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training: The Certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release Foundation, Indirect Fascial and Structural Fascial Bodywork Certificates Cransiosacal Techniques Levels 1 & 2 Orthopaedic Assessments Advanced Clinical Massage for: Lower back, Upper back, Neck and Shoulders, Leg, Knee and Foot TMJ, Face, Headache & Jaw Pain Hot Stone Therapy for Face & Feet.
  • CORE* Bodywork Certification with Noah Karrasch CORE I and CORE II
  • VTCT: Diplomas in Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Advanced Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Thermal Auricular Therapy The Football Association (1st4Sport): Certificate in Treatment & Management of Injury in Football Emergency Aid Child Protection
    • Sports Massage Association - Gold level
    • Member of the International Council Of Health, Fitness & Sports Therapists
    • Fully insured
    • CRB checked
    • Child Protection & Emergency Aid qualifications (The FA)
    PLEASE NOTE CANCELLATION/ MISSED APPOINTMENT POLICY: our business policy is to charge full fees for missed appointments or less than 24 hours notice (48 hours for a Monday appointment). Notice can be given by phone, text or call.

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    Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Connective Tissue Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Ear Candling, Hawaiian Massage, Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release Therapy, Reflexology, Remedial Massage, Remedial Therapies, Sports Injury Therapy, Sports Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

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