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A Healing Touch

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Special offer this Month book 1 hour get 30minutes free.

Contact NameTracy Greaves
Address2 Rutherwick Close
Horley RH6 8RH
Mobile07765 531425
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Welcome to A Healing Touch

My Services Include:


Book 1 hour and receive 30 minutes free from any treatment of your choice
(Exempt of ear hoopi candles)

Receive £10 pounds of when you visit me after 3 treatment

Book 5 treatments for £160 saving you £40.00 this can be used for you or a loved one.
usually £200

As a way of a thank you introduce me to a friend and receive a treatment half price on your next visit.
(once they have visited and had there treatment with a healing touch)!

Book a package deal for 2 hours which will include:-
30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage,
30 minutes Reiki
1 hour manicure and pedicure for £90.00

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Helps to remove toxins, carbon dioxide and lactic acid
  • Helps to control tissue tension
  • Helps to reduce muscular pain
Deep tissue massage is effective for those that have had long term chronic problems, caused as a result of repetitive physical activity or trauma. It assists in correcting problems areas, and imbalances in the soft tissues of the muscles. It also helps to stretch out muscles that become tight from poor posture.

Swedish Massage

  • Reduction or elimination of pain
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves skin texture
  • Helps to improve cellulite
  • Helps to ease muscular tension
  • Helps to reduce high blood pressure
  • Helps to improve symptoms of Arthritis
  • Can help improve back problems
  • Improves stress
  • Improve or decrease the occurrence of headaches
A Swedish Massage, can be used alongside other medical treatments. It is a very effective treatment and can be used for all kinds of symptoms. If you want to come for more of a relaxing or up-lifting massage then this is for you. The massage will help to relieve pain and help to maintain good health and well-being The Swedish massage has more benefits that meets the eye.

Indian Head Massage


  • Knots can be broken down
  • Stimulates and improves lymphatic circulation
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Increases oxygen to the brain to aid concentration
  • Aids a restful nights sleep
  • Relief from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Induces a sense of calm, peace and tranquillity
  • Release of anxiety
  • Higher levels of concentration and alertness
  • Helps to dissipate mental tiredness, edginess, depression and stress
  • Balances Chakra energy
  • General energy healing
  • Release of stagnant energy to boost it on all levels
The Indian Head Massage is a very relaxing and/or stimulating massage. It has remarkable effects on both mental and physical well-being. There are so many benefits that it has to offer it provides as well as a sense of blissful harmony and is an enjoyable way of reliving tension around the head, neck and shoulder area. Emotional problems can lead to tension in these areas and are the most common areas that the body will hold this tension.

Mongolian Massage

  • Brings harmony to the body and helps the body to heal itself
  • Aids lymphatic drainage and improves circulation
Benefits of the hand massage:
  • Prevention or improvement of R.S.I (repetitive strain injury)
  • Improves the suppleness of the skin
  • Reflex points in the hand can aid problems with the Heart, lungs, spleen, eyes, skeletal and muscular system.
  • Improves arthritis and back problems
  • Benefits of the foot massage:
  • Soothes tired and aching feet
  • Relaxes and stimulates the whole body
  • Improves the circulation of the skin
  • Reduces overall fatigue
Benefits of the eye massage:
  • Reduction of puffiness and dark shadows
  • Drains sinuses
  • Nourishes and hydrates the delicate eye area and helps to reduce wrinkles


  • Improves menstrual pain
  • Improves digestive disorders
  • Improves the condition of the skin and hair
  • Reduction in back pain
  • Helps to lower high blood pressure
  • Suitable for most people and conditions
  • Energising and good for unwinding
  • Good for muscular aches and pains

Hopi Ear Candles

  • Soothes earache
  • Soothes a headache
  • Improvement of ear noise e.g. Tinnitus
  • Relieves pressure and pain around the head, face and ears
  • Relieves the sinuses by balancing pressure around the eyes and forehead
  • Can help reduce stress and nervousness


  • Shortens healing time
  • Reduces pain
  • Weight loss
  • Improves headaches/migraines
  • Improves posture or bad backs
  • Eliminates stress and depression
  • Improves PMS and PMT
  • Improves confidence
  • Can be used on sick animals
  • Creates feelings of peace and tranquility
  • Relaxing
  • Security of mind, body and spirit
  • Balances emotions
  • Helps the removal of waste and harmful products in the body
  • Relaxes the brain so it is able to function and help heal the body


  • Improves digestive disorders
  • Improves skin conditions
  • Helps with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Reduces Exhaustion and insomnia
  • Improves coughs, colds or chest problems
  • Improvement in the circulatory system e.g. the heart and varicose veins
  • Helps fertility
  • Eases childbirth
  • Reduces anxiety, stress and depression
  • Improves cystitis, thrush, PMS and PMT
  • Can help with the withdrawal of smoking, alcohol and other addictions
About Me:

My name is Tracy. I have been working with complementary medicine since 2000.
I am a mobile therapist that comes to people's homes and it is a good way to let that stress disappear, which helps the body naturally heal itself. Which the wonderful body can do with your assistance of stretching exercises that you would be given after. In my therapy's I will teach you some self help skills which is just as important to maintaining a healthy back and lifestyle. I have studied so many different therapy's as I realised that sometimes it's not just one thing that works and I will incorporate anything to my knowledge that may work on most conditions.
I have proof and copies of my qualifications and I have full public liability insurance should you wish to see this.

I always offer a free and confidential consultation and the first two treatments are half price. What’s more is that if you recommend me to a friend I will give you a 3rd treatment free!!! Not to mention all the health benefits.

It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing for all treatments you attend.

My most important lesson is to live life and enjoy it! You only get one shot at it, so make the best of it.

babtec tisserands aromathrapy insitute . L.C.I.C.I london centre of indian champissage. DIPLOMA facial rejuvenation. IIHHT the holistic trainning centre.M.C.D.(IHM). M.C.D. (ACU)

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