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Affinity Homeopathy

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Homeopathy - a down to earth and compassionate approach to treatment suitable for all ages.

Contact NameAngie Doughty BA(Hons) Dip Hom. CCH. RSHom
Bristol BS6 5JP
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Homeopathy is an excellent established system of medicine which has its philosophical origins in ancient history. It was developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Germany, who as a physician was dissatisfied with the conventional medical practices of his day.These included blood letting, purging and administering large doses of highly toxic substances such as arsenic and lead. He viewed these methods as brutal and diminishing the patient's 'vital force' Hahnneman set out to develop a more gentle approach to health which he called homeopathy which has since been used throughout the world for over 200 years. It continues to be popular in many countries including Europe, and in some parts of the UK it remains available on the NHS. Homeopathic remedies are made at homeopathic pharmacies primarily from natural substances, which have undergone a process of dilution and potentisation. Homeopathy is based on the healing principle of Hippocrates and Paracelsus 'that like cures like.' Homeopaths believe that the dilute homeopathic preparations stimulate the bodies own self regulating properties to enhance health and well being. After an initial consultation I will identify a remedy for you which is chosen to enhance your vitality and initiate a healing response. The remedies are administered in extremely small doses and are safe and free of side effects and can be used alongside conventional medications.

I work confidently in the knowledge that the body, mind, emotions and spirit is a wonderfully logical and self regulating entity. With this understanding my task is to identify a remedy which has an affinity to the totality of the patient. I am endlessly fascinated and intrigued by how people are different and I love the way that homeopathy values and encourages these differences. Homeopathic philosophy teaches us that the aim is to enhance the individual's energies to restore harmony and well being. Frequently the individual discovers new ways of taking charge of their own health and maintaining equilibrium. In my experience this often enables them to make other positive life changes.

It is my view that homeopathy presents a wonderful opportunity to gain insight, understanding and compassion for ourselves as individuals;and in taking this responsibility we can enhance the health and well being of those around us.

As a homeopath I enjoy working with individuals from all walks of life and to this end I try to make homeopathy accessible.

I work at home in Montpelier. I also offer home visits for the elderly and disabled.

BA (Hons) Dip. SA. Dip. ASS. Cert. Lic. Hom. Dip. Hom. CCH

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Allergy Testing / Treatments, Homeopaths, Mens Health, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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