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Jane Sorrell Wellness | EFT Therapy

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Well-being coaching offering change and transformation through stress management, emotional detox & reconnection. Free initial consultation.

Contact NameJane Sorrell
Address5 Upper Wimpole Street
Central London W1G 6BP
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*** Book now for a BLISS BOOST ENERGY CLEANSE ***

1.5hr Powerful Supercharged Session
Emotional Detox and Reset
Unblock Trapped Energetic Patterns that hold you back
Release Unconscious Blocks & Rewire For Success
Feel Empowered & Move Forward Fast

EFT/Tapping is a tool to release blockages from the Energy Body. It is a method that encompasses Mind, Body & Spirit.

We are vibrational beings made of Energy, not Matter. For our body to function well energy must flow through it freely. Deep rooted beliefs about ourselves, the unconscious patterns we live by, create blockages in our energy flow. Fear, worry, doubt, anger; all of these self-sabotaging behaviours hold us back in life, and can eventually break down the immune system and create illness. EFT targets the root cause of well-being challenges by interrupting the body's stress response, installing a more calm, positive, resourceful state of mind and restoring a balanced mind and body. The results are extremely fast working and in most cases long lasting.

"Your beliefs determine how your life unfolds and when you connect with your most positive beliefs you are unstoppable."

10 years+ Coaching and Well-Being Specialist. Clinic off Harley Street, London W1 - Certified EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka Tapping) - Certified Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) (ANLP Accredited Training) - Certified Professional Personal Performance Coach - Transformational, Stress Management & Well-being Workshops held in and around London - all upcoming dates listed on website

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EFT, Life Coaching, NLP

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