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Theta Healing Academy

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Free Theta Healing® Manifesting Abundance Meditaton. Courses in Brighton, London and Dubai . Theta Healing Training Basic, Advanced, Manifesting & Abundance, Rainbow Children, Intuitive Anatomy, World Relations, Disease and Disorder, DN3 courses and sessions in Brighton, London, Dubai and Texas across the UK and world Get your free manifesting abundance meditation, click here :

Sussex BN2 5NA
Phone01273 25 1803
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Welcome to Theta Healing Academy

Theta Healing Academy provides trainings, coaching & events in Brighton, London & across the UK.
Psychic readings, spirit guides, angels, ancestors and full DNA activation, click here :
Discover one of the most powerful energy healing techniques in the world! We run courses in Brighton, London,South East UK and world wide. Theta healing has been called an ‘attainable miracle for your life’. Become part of a growing international community of practitioners that are empowering themselves and others. Exclusive offers on courses, click here :

We are UK based and travel across the globe teaching students ThetaHealing™. We also give accurate Intuitive readings, therapy, coaching, healing, house clearing & theta healing sessions.
We are the first in the U.K to support you with exclusive day seminars and intensives designed to increase your abilities and progress.

We have Theta Healing Teachers and Masters to open the world of healing for you and support your progress

Theta Healing® Basic Training Course

Turn all your negatives into positives on a truly life-changing weekend retreat. A place to escape, heal, transform and love yourself... Without needing to travel the globe to find enlightenment. This 3 day course will change your life! You will discover the amazing potential within yourself as you become aware of the power of your thoughts, and how to instantly change them to create your reality. You'll learn phenomenally powerful, incredibly simple techniques that help you create what you want in life.

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Theta Healing® Rainbow Children

Throughout the Rainbow Children course, students will start an adventure as they master how to unite to the 7th plane, discover a wide range of Theta Healing techniques such as how to do the belief work and how to create affirmative feelings, empathic readings, healings of the physical and spirit, guided meditations, drumming circles, crystal layouts and scrying, future and Guardian Angel readings.

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Psychic Development Day Course for adults

In this course students will practice connecting to a Theta brain wave, then learn a great range of Theta Healing techniques such as how to create positive feelings, empathic readings, healings of the body and the spirit, guided meditations, seeing auras, future and Guardian Angel readings.

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About Alexandra P. Brown

Alexandra has a passion and unique talent for helping people transform & feel great about their lives.
She is a catalyst, motivator and healer.

Her motto, collaboration, co operation, co creation.

She has helped over 14,000 people with psychic readings, coaching, healing & manifesting. A psychic to celebrities ''That reading was mind bogglingly good and precise'' John Assaraf, NY Times bestseller and teacher on the hit DVD 'the secret'

Alexandra has created and illustrated Attraction Tarot®
View Attraction Tarot®, click here :
deck and written a book on tarot as it relates to healing, the law of attraction and psychic work. Her deck has sold over 1,100 copies since it's launch this year.
Alexandra knows that we all have our own unique answers and sometimes just need a hand along the path of life to validate us. If you really want to discover, own your spirit and improve your life, she's here to help you.

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Experience & Qualifications

  • Cert. ThetaHealing™ Basic DNA Teacher
  • Theta Healing ® Basic DNA Teacher
    Theta Healing ® Advanced DNA Teacher
    Theta Healing ® Basic & Advanced Healer
    Theta Healing ® Rainbow Children Healer and Teacher
    Theta Healing ® Intuitive Anatomy
    Theta Healing ® Manifesting and Abundance Teacher
    Theta Healing ® Digging Intensive Practitioner
    Theta Healing ® Soul Mate Practitioner
    Theta Healing ® Soul Mate Teacher
    Theta Healing ® Rhythm to a perfect weight Practitioner
    Theta Healing ® World Relations
    Theta Healing ® DNA3
    Diploma Individual & Relationships Counselling
    Cert. Usui Reiki Master
    Cert. The Having It All Challenge
    Having it all challenge winner, Nov. 2008
    Manifesting, L.O.A. Guide and mentor
    Creator and Author of Attraction Tarot ®
    Trance Dance Instructor (TNI)
    Life skills Coach (TNI)/ul>

  • See our team of masters and teachers here :

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