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Master Oh

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Master Oh is an accomplished energy specialist and natural health practitioner working with the healing power of Qi to help people recover from physical, emotional and spiritual issues. His technique benefits those struggling with pain, stress, fatigue as well as those with more serious conditions / unidentified problems. He enjoys giving people hope and supporting them along their journey to health. With the knowledge and wisdom gained from more than 25 years experience, Master Oh can focus his treatments on your individual needs.

Address1st Floor
47-50 Margaret Street

Central London W1W 8SB
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About Us

Master Oh is an accomplished natural health therapist working with the body’s own innate healing ability to help individuals manage stress and other health issues and achieve greater mental clarity and spiritual awareness.

Master Oh’s unique healing ability stems from a deep understanding of the laws of nature and an ancient wisdom that sees the human being as part of a whole, united in body, mind and spirit with the source of all life.

He is available for private and group consultations that address individuals’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs with the care and compassion for each person’s unique life circumstances.


Master Oh provides a range of services tailored to each individual according to their needs and time commitment.

Qi Treatment Sessions: Master Oh uses a powerful combination of accupressure and sound to transmit life force energy (Qi) to the whole body, opening energy blockages and releasing toxins. The treatment helps improve circulation, boosts the immune system and gives the body the power it needs to heal.

    • Consultation and personalised Qi Treatment programme
    • Home visits
    • Distance sessions on Skype or over the phone
    • Family package for parents, husband/wife and children

'Just wanted everyone to know that the treatments I had with master Oh have enabled me to start living again! I can now go out, socialise, have conversations, excercise, take long walks and generally enjoy life! A big thank you to Master Oh, I could not have emagined this was possible'

'I didn't get my period for many years. I tried Master Oh's treatment at a health exhibition on the off chance it might help with a long-term gluten intolerance. I couldn't believe it when I realised that evening my period had returned. I have continued on a course of treatments since and recommended Master Oh to many family and friends'

' I didn't sleep for many years. Insomnia was ruining my life and I could barely cope with my day to day job. I had a course of treatments and on starting the family healing programme I was able, for the first time in 4 or 5 years to sleep through the night. My life has changed radically for the better since then and I truly thank Master Oh for his wisdom and guidance along the way'.

'Master Oh's capacity to understand and help others is so unique. He is very much a part of our lives and is the first person we call if any of the family gets ill.'

International Services
Other programmes include Qi Energy Training, Family Healing and Home/Office Energy Clearing.

QI Energy

The source of all life is light, energy and sound (vibration/movement). They are the most fundamental elements of life and contain all the information necessary to create and maintain life. They are also the foundation of the human body, mind and spirit.

Qi is the original energy we receive at conception. It is the primordial spark resulting from the union of the male yang energy and the female yin energy. Qi is the vital force that flows through all living organisms and determines our vitality and life span.

Qi supports all the vital organs to keep them in good working order. However, a shortage or blockage of Qi may affect not only our physical health but also our mental and emotional wellbeing. Energy blockages along the energy channels impair the body’s vital functions, and make the mind more vulnerable to stress and negative emotions. Energy blockages are often caused by stress, pollution, negative emotions, inadequate diet or excessive physical and mental exertion.

Service Categories
Acupressure, Children’s Health, Corporate Massage, Energy Healing, Holistic Massage, Infant Massage, Meditation, Mens Health, Natural Fertility Management, Spiritual Healing, Womens Health

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