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Rowena J Ronson

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Address8 Abbey Court
Holywell Hill
St. Albans AL1 1HA
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About Rowena J Ronson

I started my journey as a ‘therapist’ nearly thirty years ago when I attended an evening counselling training course. I had just turned twenty and was the youngest in the class. I was almost discouraged to join, as the facilitator believed that it is best to have some life experience when practising in a caring profession. And of course he was totally right. Since then I have been on a journey personally and professionally and I have learned a great deal on my travels. My focus has always been on developing myself, and helping others to do the same.

Forever on a quest for learning and to acquire new skills, I have trained as a counsellor, lecturer, homeopath, life coach, couples counsellor, doula, Reiki healer and nutrition adviser. I have also studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and I graduated from my 3 year post-graduate training with world leader Jeremy Sherr in April 2013.

Part of my evolving involved a two and a half year period researching, writing and publishing a book, Looking Back Moving Forward,, a compilation of conversations I had with thirty four of the most experienced and respected homeopaths and teachers of homeopathy in this country.

I work in general practice in St Albans, Mill Hill and I also attend home visits.

This year I began a PhD in Holistic Mental Health to support my work with children and young people suffering with autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional imbalances. I have also trained as a CEASE therapist (Complete Elimination of the Autistic Spectrum Expression.)

Please also visit my blog , a contemporary on-line magazine, which I established in 2013 with my colleague Nigel Summerely. We write about health, the environment, relationships, the arts and much more, and we even have a problem page to answer your questions. Please join our Double Take community and join our discussions.

The focus for me is to support you in your journey to create change in your life – your evolution, your holistic alchemy.

"Rowena's understanding of any particular situation and the subtleties of her patients' needs is apparent."

Homeopathy and Natural Holistic Health and specialised Autism, ADHD and Mental and Emotional Health Clinic for Children and Young People:

For the last fifteen years I have run a busy holistic practice in Hertfordshire and North West London and I see people of all ages from babies to the elderly, with physical ailments across the board from eczema, hayfever, IBS and hormonal issues through to cancer, Crohn’s, colitis, multiple sclerosis, motor neurons and arthritis.

Some come to see me with emotional imbalances such as depression, grief and anxiety.

Others are looking to rebalance their health and want to find a natural holistic system of medicine. I work complementary to orthodox medicine and I am part of the team at Chase Lodge Hospital in Mill Hill as their homeopath. Of uppermost importance to me is to support you where you are at and with what you need to assist you to reclaim your good health and preserve your wellbeing on all levels.

Homeopathy is an individualised, natural system of medicine that works holistically to bring you back into balance spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Alongside Homeopathy, I use transformational flower essences, nutritional supplements and nutritional advice, to support you through issues that are holding you back in life.

It might be that you are in crisis when you come and you are just not coping with what life is challenging you with at the time. Or you might want to work with issues such as addiction, negative conditioning from childhood or a disempowering inertia that is preventing you from moving on.

I always work with the whole picture of you in mind - your health as a totality – a total expression of you. Where appropriate we will also look at your diet, your lifestyle and any other areas of your life that might be creating and maintaining a disturbance in your health.

Autism, ADHD and Children's Mental Health:

I have recently launched a specialised clinic to support children and young people (and their families) with mental health issues including autism, ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Ultimately, I work alongside YOU to support YOU through YOUR process.

And I choose to work in this way because I have seen in my practice, over and over, how a non-suppressive, natural and holistic approach to healthcare benefits the individuals and families that I work with, both short and long term.

Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, After Birth and Babies

During this very important and exciting time of your life these are the services I can offer you:

Holistic treatment for couples trying to conceive – please call or email to discuss.

Holistic treatment to support the pregnant woman (and her growing baby), emotionally and physically, throughout the pregnancy.

A session after the birth to talk through the birth experience – giving birth is a life changing experience in so many ways, it will bring up a mixture of all sorts of thoughts and feelings, and it is always good to talk them through afterwards, especially with someone that has been there for you throughout your pregnancy and who has supported you through your birth experience.

Homeopathic and holistic health care support after your birth for you and your baby.

You are most welcome to call me to discuss any of the above and your individual needs. I have been working with fertility issues, pregnancy, birth, new mothers and young babies for many years.

Relationship Counselling – Individuals, Couples and Families

My work with relationships has developed from my counselling and holistic health care work with individuals. Issues in relationships always seem to come up for people sooner or later – albeit a difficult dynamic with a child, perhaps at a stage in life where a parent too struggled as a young person, or an issue in a romantic relationship or partnership. And people find me because the issues in the relationships then go on to cause emotional and physical symptoms of imbalance, and I am always looking to address the cause.

I work with families who are having difficulties and also with couples seeking support. My work with families usually develops from my holistic health work. I start working with an individual member of the family, usually a child and then my work progresses on to the individual’s dynamics with their parents and perhaps other siblings, building a systemic picture of the family’s health on all levels. Always when working with a parent who brings a child here with behavioural issues, I work with the dynamics I see the child displaying with the parent(s) and/or other siblings and I reflect back my observations in order to create change. All families have their dynamics and just like a pebble thrown in a river, small changes by each individual member can create great changes in the overall picture.

I offer my work with couples as a stand alone process, separate from my holistic health work. Effective and beneficial couples work occurs when both members of the partnership feel heard and understood, not judged or favoured. Both partners need to feel comfortable with their therapist, after all, couples counselling is a delicate process which involves the holding of vulnerability, the keeping of confidentiality and the building of trust. The first session for me is always a ‘chemistry test’ where you have the chance to have all your questions answered as to what the process involves, as well as for us to meet in person and for us to decide whether we feel we want to work together.

Usually six sessions, meeting on a weekly or two-weekly basis, are agreed upon after that first session, with regular assessments of how things are progressing. My intention is to provide an environment for both partners in the couple to be heard by each other and by me, for emotions and thoughts to be expressed safely and without judgment and for the couple’s strengths to be rediscovered and built upon. Some couples come to counselling to work through a crisis, otherwise come with more long term work and to deal with deeper issues. Either way, I support both individuals in the couple through the process – a time when it is really important to reach out and have that support.

Life Coaching and Personal Development Group Work:

My life coaching and personal development work is offered on an individual basis and also in groups.

Perhaps you want to work on your own self-awareness.

Do you feel a little lost on your journey, not really getting out of life what you would like?

Are you searching for something or someone to fill the void you feel inside of yourself?

Are you lacking confidence, an identify or a belief in yourself?

Are you feeling anxious or depressed, for no real reason you can define?

Do you keep yourself very busy in order to avoid how you are feeling?

Perhaps you want to find a more fulfilling way to live your life?

Perhaps you want to work on where you are in terms of your relationships.

It might be that you attract scenarios in your life that press your buttons and leave you feeling disempowered.

It might be that you struggle with feeling assertive at times of conflict and avoid conflict as a result.

It might be that you suppress what you really feel and wear a mask to the outside world.

It might be that you are in and out of romantic relationships, finding they don’t work, but not knowing why.

It might be that you are stuck in a relationship that is not going anywhere and you are no longer being true to yourself.

Perhaps you are now ready to create change in your world so you have more satisfying relationships and a happier feeling inside.

Of course these are only examples of issues you might want to work with, either in a series of life coaching sessions or within a group setting.

Weigh-Forward - Diet and Nutrition

Making changes in our diet for weight loss, weight gain, or for general health issues is made a great deal easier when you have someone by your side to support and motivate you. This is why so many people join ‘diet classes’. However, the ‘going on a diet philosophy’ does not work and does not serve us, as we are not given adequate support or taught about proper nutrition and why we have the issues we have in the first place. We are not re-educated about food and our bodies and we are not taken through a process of transformation in our minds. Instead we are taught how to lose weigh temporarily but at the same time we send our bodies into habitual weight loss and weight gain. We are not taught about changing our lifestyle and maintaining those changes. This is why diet classes are always full of returning members!

I offer an eclectic, unique and specialised approach that is not only holistic and healthy but also incorporates my knowledge and training in all that I have learned in my own healing journey and professional practice over the last twenty years.

We will work closely together with daily contact by email, skype and/or telephone, and weekly contact in person, with longer sessions monthly to keep you on track, motivate you and create deep, profound and ever lasting changes in how you feel about your body and how you feel in your body.

This unique programme combines life coaching and CBT with the latest nutrition advice based on the healthy Mediterranean diet, holistic health care and my own, specially formulated, natural slimming remedy, with daily and continuous on-going support and motivation.


"I first visited Rowena with my daughter after having seen a number of doctors and dermatologists who were unable to treat my daughter’s molluscum. After one treatment the molluscum started to respond and have now cleared completely. Rowena has also successfully worked with my daughter on a number of behavioural issues and we are finally tantrum free after six and a half years! We were so impressed with the results that my son and I also now see Rowena for a number of issues. With Rowena you get a caring, but professional approach. Her questioning is detailed and designed to get as much information as possible, so that you really feel she has listened and prescribed the best possible remedy. Even my cynical husband has to agree we are getting results."


“I have been attending Rowena’s clinic for some two years now and without her help and quite unbelievable persona and professionalism I could not have got through my menopause symptoms and other “women’s” problems. She is both articulate and understanding and listens without judging, but above all gets right to the “heart” of the problem and solves it. Thank you Rowena for being you and being there for me – you are sensational! I have shared your name with friends and colleagues."


“Dear Rowena, After our session today I could clearly see just how much progress I have made since we first met those months ago and how much you helped me – it is truly amazing, inspiring and utterly comforting to know that there are people like you out there that can make such wonderful things happen. Please accept my deepest gratitude for everything you have done for me. The journey could have been a scary roller coaster ride, no doubt, but you made it seem more like plain sailing, from day one. When I was coming to my first session I was a bit apprehensive I admit, but your open, warm and friendly personality put me at ease straight away – I felt I came home. And the rest is history! But before I go, I do want to thank you for one more amazing quality of yours. Many consultants nowadays promise results but don't necessarily deliver (I know this from personal experience) but with you it's a different story. When you told me I'll be ok and that you'll ensure that by being there for me, guiding me every step of the way until I'm ready to walk on my own – you meant it! For me, to be able to deliver such excellent service is simply priceless. Thank you for being one in a million and for being there for me!”


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